Description Edit

Name: Ephe Runetotem
Race: Tauren
Age: 28
Birthplace: Barrens
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring/Enchanting
Affiliations: Seer; Former member of Big Booty; Former member of The Haven; former Acolyte of Sanguis Nox.
Appearance: Dark circles are ever present around this tauren's distrustful green eyes, and remain at odds with her otherwise youthful appearance. Even to the untrained eye, her two looped braids - sleekly plaited and bound in leather strips and pinned up behind her horns - appear childish, though her stature and size mark her as a woman. Her spotted fur, or what can be seen of it under her cloth robes, is much healthier than it has been in years past. She is rarely seen without a wide-brimmed hat or a pair of worn herb-stained gloves, the latter of which have been tugged snugly onto her hands.

Personality Edit

These days, Ephe's patience and compassion is tempered with reticence and distrust. She often prefers to listen and watch instead of (or at least before) jumping in to help resolve a conflict peacefully, though she brooks little hesitation about acting decisively in situations she deems as appropriate or which threaten her interests. To strangers, she usually maintains a polite, cordial front when addressed; and as a healer currently working on Thunder Bluff, she remains protective of her patients and confident in her abilities, if a bit restless about her current situation.

Background Edit


Born to a hunter and a healer, Ephe spent her formative years roaming the plains of the Barrens with her tribe, always moving with the seasons. Her curiosity and excitement for the world around her often led to wander away from the camp, so her mother took to bringing her along when gathering herbs for remedies and poultices, and then sat her down to watch how prepare them for use. When she wasn't helping around the camp, she tagged along with her elder brother, Syo, until he chose to start training as a druid, and his best friend, Enayi. Her people struggled in those years to survive, fighting bloody centaur raids and long periods of drought; and so, for the girl whose world was plains and sky, the stories from Elder Hamuul -- of elves, forests of giant trees, and the Shu'halo's forgotten druidic legacy -- captured her imagination.

When the Bloodhoof tribe chieftain called the tribes together in Mulgore, Ephe was almost of age and working as her mother's apprentice. She dutifully followed her tribe's decision to move to Mulgore, but the prospect of settling down in one place made her uneasy. Once they arrived, she took up training as a druid, following in Syo's footsteps from a few years earlier, and volunteered to help secure their new home.


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