Eruanna OialeEdit

Race: Kaldorei
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailor and Skinner
Affiliations: Chaplain of The Forgotten Order.

Appearance: The first word that most would say comes to mind upon seeing Anna...Purple. From the smooth lavendar shade of her skin to the vibrant violet of her hair, which she keeps neatly tied in a long braid. She appears graceful and elegant. As is befitting a priestess of Elune. However there is a sparkle to her eyes that leads one to believe there is a bit more mischief than meets the eyes.


Anna, as most call her. Is a very sweet and caring individual. Always more concerned with other's feelings than her own. Often comforting and listening to one friend's woes or another.

Although shy and often tentative, Anna is a very curious person. Having lead a sheltered life many things are new to her, and she's eager to inspect them. It's very easy to make this kaldorei blush and turn several shades of deeper purple.

She also overcomes the bashfulness to talk to new people, always loving to make friends.


The TempleEdit

Eruanna Oiale...Grace Everlasting...a name given to Anna by those that served in the temple where she was raised. She never knew of her parents, only that they left her in the care of the priestesses there.

She was raised to study and follow the path of Elune. Ever growing in her faith. She was also well educated in all that the priests could manage. Picking up various old languages. However, there is only so much that can be taught from books and the knowledge of others. Anna was a rather naive creature to the ways of the world.

Missionary to Elwynn Edit

She had come far in her studies when she was approached about missionary work. Eager to see something more of the world, she was sent to Stormwind City where she was to report to the Cathedral of Light and then be stationed in Goldshire.

The human lands were shocking to the priestess, and she didn't understand a word any spoke. Never having been taught common.

The locals taunted and jeered. At times making her glad she did not understand all the insults flung at her. She held her head high though, knowing she had been sent for a purpose, and refusing to abandon that cause.

It was while being cornered and shouted at near the Lion's Pride Inn that she met Androth. A paladin, a human man, but much different than the others. His dark skin and long dark hair stood out from the others. As did his actions...he was kind to her.

It was Androth that began to teach her common and offered her one of her first homes with his guild. She was often in his company or that of a rowdy dwarf, Borim, whom she dubbed Bobo.

During a recent Scourge invasion of Stormwind Androth was killed. Giving his own life to save Anna's. She still blames herself.

The Wisps and The OrderEdit

Anna often visited the Wisps and Spirits tavern. The people were nice there, and rarely picked on her poor speach.

It was not long before she was asked to join the staff. It was good to have another "family." And be a part of something. Though, bartending was not something she did easily. "Wa-ood eyuu lyke ah dreenk?" Was often greeted with confused looks.

When the Wisps began to undergo changes, and became The Forgotten Order, Tekaan approached her. "We'll need a Chaplain, someone that knights can turn to should they need to make confessions...and a healer around the tavern." She accepted willingly.

She has found some of her dearest friends thanks to the Wisps. Akutali the child like and sweet priest often found in her company calling her Anna Lady. Jinx the motherly and kind hearted gnome woman. G-no-me Tweck, the most troublesome gnome she's met to this day, with a heart of gold...and many others reserved for other tales and other days.


Anna had always been told that trolls were a fierce and blood thirsty race. It was with these misconceptions that she first met Lash Icecaller. Curiosity as usual, winning out she approached him...tentatively placing a hand on his tusk and asking how he managed to speak with it. He blushed and stammered. Nothing like she had expected.

Though Anna's grasp on common was nearly as bad as Lash's, the two became fast friends.

She soon came to realize that she cared for Lash much more than mere friendship and after weeks of ackwardness he worked up the courage to admit that he loved her. She of course, admitting the same.

It isn't easy for the two. Being the subject of scrutiny from both horde and alliance. They often recieve frowns and heated comments. Anna brushes them off saying that it does not matter for those that cannot understand.

It's soon approached Anna's time to return to the temple and take her final vows. Which include pledging herself to Elune and no other. She was never meant to fall in love.

So the choice now stands, remain with the temple that has raised her and taught her all she knows. Or choose the person closest to her heart.

Everyday LifeEdit

Anna has a busy life. Off adventuring and trying to spread what hope she can, after all she still remains a missionary. However, her position as Chaplain of the Order, and her friends and "family" come first.

She can often be found on a dock near the Park fishing, often times Lash joins her as well. Choosing to sneak by the guards to spend time with his "silly elf."

If not in Stormwind these days she is often found around Redridge, or even as far away as Durotar when she ventures outside of Orgrimmar to see Lash.

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