Euphaleric Scourgeslayer
Game Information
Race Forsaken
Class Warrior
Guild Harbingers of War
Professions Blacksmithing
Vital Statistics
Height 6'1" (5'7" when slouched)
Weight 93 lbs. (178 lbs. with Plate and various Weapons)
Build Decayed
Hair None
Eyes Gold Ghostfire
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Age 30 (23 at time of death)
Birthplace Kingdom of Azeroth
Current Residence Harbingers' Barracks,The Undercity
Pets Crimson Snake "Apple", Red Skeletal Warhorse "Pomwine" (Both named by Arete)
Family Father "Avelic", Mother "Jeanguinie"

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Description Edit

Name: Euphaleric "Euph" Scourgeslayer
Race: Forsaken
Class: Warrior
Professions: Mining and Blacksmithing
Age: 30
Birthplace: Kingdom of Azeroth
Current Residence: Harbingers' Barracks,The Undercity
Specialization: Arms/Fury
Affiliation: Harbingers of War

When you come across this forsaken soldier you'll find that his face is more of a layer of white skin covering his skull. His eyes have rotted out only to have been replaced by a ghostly gold glow. From his canines back his teeth are pointed, whether they are like this from his time as a mindless ghoul or during the time before death is unknown. Though his hair still remained after death he has since shaven it off in favor of a more practical form.

What was once a strong human body is now a gaunt, bony, and rotting figure. His knees and elbows have been completely striped of flesh from when he was enslaved by the Lich King as are his hand more claw like.

Euphaleric wields two two handed swords that cross on his back when not loping heads off the undead. His pack is usually filled with ores, arrows, and maybe even a spare helm. If it weren't for his undead strength it would seem near impossible for him to carry all this at once and still be able to fight.


Early Life

Born during the First War to a pair of farmers from Westfall, who later fled to Lordearon with Anduin Lothar and his forces after the fall of Stormwind. There they settled a half days journey from the city, and had three more children. Thus began this families new life farming the rich soil on one of the rare fields of silverpine.

Growing up Euphaleric's father regaled his son with tales of Anduin Lothar and his knights defending Stormwind from the savage orcs that forced their family to flee their beloved kingdom of Azeroth. This inspired Euphaleric to become a valiant knight, defending his family from all the horrors of the world.


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Undeath in the Harbingers of War

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Euph takes part in the Harbies rainbow races half circle of judgment and peer pressure.


Having been stripped of his title and estate after the recent revelation of his dabbling in darker arts, Euphaleric Scourgeslayer went missing just prior to the Cataclysm caused by Deathwing. Rumors tell of him traveling through Pandaria searching for something.
Euphaleric CMODES2

Stories and the Like

A Faded Poster

The Legend of the Scourgeslayer

[Euphaleric's Armory Page]

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