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Fael BluerendEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: The equivalent of late-twenties in human years.
Birthplace: Undisclosed.
Class: Priest
Professions: Strangely, Smithing and Skinning.
Affiliations: Undisclosed.

Appearance: Quite short and slight for a Night Elf, with fair, almost human-toned skin and pale hair. In fact, if one didn't know better, they might mistake him for a High Elf...
Fael carries himself with dignity though his appearance seems more than a bit disheveled. He seems slightly lost most wherever he goes. His features are rather soft, though not feminine. He is rarely seen to smile or joke, and seems disturbingly serious. Fael likes to dress well, and abhors wearing terrible-looking garments (even for business). His fingernails look as though they are not uncommonly bitten.


Fael is a rigid, logic-driven perfectionist with little tolerance for any who go against his moral code. In human lands he insists his name is spelled Fa'el and pronounced as such (FAH-el), as being called "fail" in Common-speaking lands seems like an invitation for trouble. He often sticks his nose where it doesn't belong and jumps to the defense of near anyone who seems like they need it, even if he doesn't know the full story of the situation. He considers himself righteous, fit to judge any in his path "unfit" and deal with them accordingly... he seems strangely more prone to follow the Human-based religion of the Holy Light than the Elves' own belief system.
Fael considers himself truly neutral, standing as a barrier between the overzealous Good and the selfish Evil. However, he himself is quick to judge, condemn, and perform acts as despicable as those he opposes.


Fael Bluerend (born Bloodrend) is in fact a High Elf, born in the city of Quel'thalas. He did not stay there long, however, as circumstances led to his being taken into the care of a Human couple in the city of Stratholme. His childhood was confused and unpleasant, having been wrenched from the moral preachings of his own kind to the strange, new environment and attitude of the Human race, and he had to sort through what he believed. His new parents were zealots, his adoptive father being a retired Paladin and mother likewise a Priest of the Holy Light. Fael was unsure what to believe.

Eventually his adoptive parents died and Fael returned to Quel'thalas to learn all their was to know of their own religion and morals. His thirst for knowledge (and, along with it, power) was nearly unsatiable and he spent many years training to be a Priest, yet he still could not decide which way his beliefs truly lay -- with the Humans' faith, or with his own kind?

Before Quel'thalas fell, Fael had left his homeland on a sojourn to other lands,to develop his power over Holy magic and to broaden his mind. He eventually found himself on Kalimdor, somehow; hearing about the battle raging in Hyjal, he felt it his duty to assist. He did what he could to heal the wounded, though being only a novice himself his help was limited. After the Scourge was finally driven back (though at a heavy cost), he decided to stay amongst the Kal'dorei, to glean what knowledge he could from their culture.

Recent EventsEdit

Only now has Fael ventured back to the Western Kingdoms, exploring those lands to the south which he has never seen. Here he met a Gnome named Kaez, who he seemed to like well enough. He seems to have plans, strangely claiming himself as a Night Elf and disguising himself as such (though the height difference is difficult to hide).

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