Description Edit

Name: Faely Lacey

Race: Undead

Age: 15 at death

Birthplace: Andorhal

Class: Priest

Height: 5'6"

Appearance: Faely is a rather effeminate priest. His black hair is feathered in neat layers, and is always free of dirt or grime. He seems to be very hygenic for an undead. He smiles most of the time, and looks to be very naive. His robes are clean, as well, and seem to be tailored to fit him perfectly. A small, silver, sun-shaped pendant hangs from his neck.

He also wears eyeliner.

Personality Edit

Faely is a kind-hearted priest, and is always willing to help anyone who is in need of his services, be it tailoring, healing, or even a partner in battle. If given a reason, he is capable of hatred, and he jokes around sometimes harshly with those he considers friends. He acts very childish, very often, but tends to act maturely when the situation calls for it.

Recently... Edit

  • Faely has been wearing his White Bandit Mask everywhere.
  • Faely has awoken from an odd, unknown sleep that lasted a couple of months. He is trying to find out what happened.
  • Faely has been carrying around his Soulkeeper. He often talks to it when he's alone.
  • Faely seems a little busier than usual.
  • Faely has been delving into Shadow magic.

Random Facts Edit

  • He HATES Sylvanas.
  • He has, like, 80 outfits.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he isn't a homosexual.
  • He actually doesn't agree with homosexuality very much, having been raised in a church.
  • Buy him pies. He likes pies.

Affiliates Edit

Harbingers of War

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