Farahl ShadewhisperEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: 280
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Class: Rogue
Professions: Miner/Goblin Engineer
Affiliations: Alliance Commander, Leader of the exploration guild Rini Dieb, Founder of Axiom

Appearance: Farahl stands confidently tall for a member of her race and tends to stick out. Blue skin and hair, an unusually toned body, tempered by dark purple armor and a darkly glowing blade strapped to her back make it difficult for her to blend into a crowd. Even when not wearing armor, Farahl has a tendency to wear rather tight fitting clothing that reveals very little skin.

It is rare that Farahl doesn't have some kind of pleased look on her face; a happy smile, a sly smirk, a devious grin, she almost never looks sad or depressed. The only negative emotion that Farahl shows regularly is anger. She is always active, moving, swaying, toying with anything in reach, almost never seeming calm or restful. Regardless of her constant motion, the elf always moves confidently, her body language sometimes bordering on aggressive to those not accustomed to it.


Farahl is typically very happy and full of energy, unfortunately for those around her this means that she acts aggressively, can be extraordinarily overbearing and insensitive towards the feelings of those around her. She has a tendancy to not realize that others do not share the same feelings as she does on an issue and will often pressure others into situations or dismiss those who do not share her feelings. She can often become obsessed with maintaining her own good spirits and quickly attempt to stop anything 'serious' that arises in her life, sometimes going to extreme lengths to keep everything pleasant and free of stress.

In addition to her overconfidence, aggressiveness and short temper Farahl tends to act in accordance to her own moral code. She puts her fierce loyalty to her friends above all other things including other obligations, responsibilities and even the law itself. She will go to lengths some may consider going too far for them with no regrets. Also along these lines Farahl will endeavor to 'help' her friends with behaviors and personality traits she considers to be detrimental to them. She'll attempt to get her friends to loosen up, relax, stop taking things seriously, engage in forms of hedonism and be an overall liberatory force in their life.

Farahl has been shown to exhibit a great deal of restraint on her normal behavior when placed into a leadership position, such as running her organization Rini Dieb. When forced, Farahl can act rationally and firmly to resolve conflicts or accomplish goals, but will quickly revert to her normal behavior when she is no longer needed to actively lead. Farahl considers herself to still be a young elf and loathes when she has to behave in a more adult fashion such as when she leads. Farahl will actually show animosity to her elders and those members of other species who act in a manner befitting old age.

When in battle Farahl rarely seems to take it seriously. She'll throw out insults, taunts, flaunt her abilities and take dangerous risks. When she is fighting someone sentient she will take every opportunity to berate them and fight on a psychological front in addition to the physical one. She has oftentimes been shown to figure out exactly what to say for her opponent drop his or her guard. Farahl also has no love of a fair fight and will readily use anything to her advantage.



Literally born in a ditch near Astranaar, Farahl has hardly been a normal kaldorei since birth. Her parents fed her, clothed her and loved her but did little else. They were extremely permissive and allowed Farahl to go off on her own, not worrying if she would be gone for days at a time. To Farahl her parents were the people who gave her food, a bed, and some love but not much else.

As she grew up she explored every inch of Ashenvale and Darkshore, fascinated by every bit of the land, every new location she could find. She wandered through various dangerous places, skirted the dangers of wild animals and Satyr, nearly dying several times and loving every minute of it. But after several decades she ran out of things to see. With little direction from her parents who were kindly, but truly ineffectual in the role of parents she found herself with no goals in life.


Lacking any real connection to nature (Druids out of the question), not really caring much about Elune's powers (Priestess out of the question) Farahl realized the only way she could get new experiences was by joining the Sentinels. It was something different for her, and early on she enjoyed the training and how new everything was. However, orders were a problem for her, and her slightly rebelious nature kept her from recieving any important assignments. She was stuck on guard duty for decades, unable to venture very far into the continent of Kalimdor.

Years past until the battle at Hyjal took place. Her prowess as a fighter for once couldn't be ignored and Farahl was sent to battle at the front lines. Many of her kind died around her, as well as members of other races she had never encountered before. In the aftermath Farahl realized that life as a Sentinel was not for her, so she set out on her own for the lands across the sea, beggining her life as an explorer.

Exploration and Rini DiebEdit

Time passed quickly for Farahl after the war. She took to Common quite quickly and learned a variety of acrobatic tricks to compensate for her current lack of heavy armor. In her time exploring dangerous ruins even near her home Farahl had learned the usefulness of stealth and the knowledge of traps and locks used to keep things out, or even in. Over time she had developed the skills which would lead people to label her a 'rogue', a term which she loathes and quickly corrects them in saying that she is in fact an explorer.

Farahl also began to study engineering due to a growing fascination in firearms and explosives. She studied under a variety of gnomes and goblins to learn the trade and took to it quickly, mastering a variety of engineering concepts and creating a variety of complicated and bizarre devices, even going so far as to be trained specifically in Goblin based engineering. Recent events have unfortunately pushed aside her pursuit of this craft and aside from creating the occasional explosive device she rarely displays any evidence of her engineering prowess.

Several years after her first steps onto the eastern lands Farahl made several friends with like minded goals of explorations so began the establishment of a guild for explorers she dubbed Rini Dieb, which meant Full Moon in her mother tongue. The guild slowly grew in size but quickly grew in reputation for the rather improper behavior of its members and recklessness in their goals of exploration. Due to an incident with explosives within Uldaman, Rini Dieb entered into an agreement with the Explorer's League to accept a small salary on the condition that Rini Dieb's members would no longer destroy any priceless relics during their explorations.

Recent TimesEdit

In her many journeys into dangerous places under the control of the Scourge and the Burning Legion, Farahl has found that she has an insensitivity or perhaps even an immunity to evil and tainted influences in the world. This has been especially apparant in her use of a darkly glowing blade many told her was evil, tainted, and would corrupt her mind. Farahl has begun to see her immunity to these influences as an advantage in the fights against the evils of the world and repeatedly charges in headfirst at any demonic lord or powerful undead she catches wind of. Though she can't help but wonder what makes her so special in this regard.

Farahl has also discovered that her own organization is too small and too inexperienced to survive the most dangerous places in the world, leaving parts of it unseen to her eyes. To remedy this problem, Farahl began an organization known as Axiom to bring together other small organizations with an interest in these places to work together towards those ends. The effort is meeting with some success, but is growing slowly. She dearly hopes that they will soon have the numbers needed to truly explore the most dangerous places in the world.

In addition, Farahl is also working closely with her guildmate Verien in an attempt to track down an ancient treasure, possibly related to the Burning Legion. After defeating a powerful demon lord in Felwood, Farahl stumbled across a scroll written in a language she could not decifer. Knowing that Verien was a young warlock and thinking she would benefit from being needed Farahl turned the scroll over to Verien for translation. The scroll guided them to another scroll, and that to another, and so on. The directions in the scrolls have been taking the members of Rini Dieb all over Azeroth and have had them facing many dangers as they draw closer to the possible treasure at the end of these clues. What will the members of Rini Dieb find at the end of this wild chase?

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