Description Edit

Name: Farorei
Race: Night Elf ?
Age: ??
Birthplace: ??
Class: Druid
Professions: Alchemy and Herbalism
Guild: Gone with the Stormwind
Appearance: Despite having long pointy ears and purple skin, Farorei does not really look like a night elf; just enough to pass as one. Her hair hangs down to her waist; long and thick and slightly curly. Sometimes it is white…other times it has the faintest hints of blond. She seems to be especially out of place in Darnassus, often taking in her surroundings with disdain and laughing at other elves as they pass her by. To those who have seen both, she bears an odd resemblance to a Forsaken warlock who oft graces Astranaar with her presence.

She is more often than not shapeshifted into one of her animal forms.

Occupation and Personality Edit

Farorei seems too absorbed into her druid training to really be bothered by a social life. On the rare occurrence she speaks to anyone aside from her three friends, her voice is tainted by a thick accent and her Common is choppy and almost slurred. She doesn’t seem to have any grasp of the Darnassian language, either. She is arrogant and rather vain, snickering at others down her nose quite often. She seems to think of herself as a few notches above the rest of the Alliance. She is relatively anti-social, being seen mostly with the same three people and only going out of her way to talk to others if she is insulting them.

Farorei is often seen chatting with various members of the Horde. She seems to have a better grasp of communicating with them than she does with the Common language.

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