Description Edit

Name: Farorey Debauchere(?)
Race: Forsaken
Age (at death): 24
Birthplace: Brill
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting
Guild: Wolfsong
Appearance: Farorey is pretty.

She stands out from other Forsaken because of this, despite her short height of 5'; her hair perfectly clean and combed, a curly bright orange blond not tainted by mold or decay. While slim in build, she is anything but gaunt and still maintains a particularly attractive figure. Aside from her greenish-gray skin and a small hole rotted into her left cheek, she seems relatively unaffected by death.

An arrogant smirk usually plays its way across her painted lips, brow perpetually arched as she takes in her surroundings with lofty amusement. She is often clad in elaborate and ostentatious clothing and jewelry, her neckline always dipping low so as to brandish her particularly capacious cleavage. She is generously peppered with freckles from head to toe and seems to make no effort to conceal them.

She smells strongly of sanguine hibiscus, the exotic aroma consuming any trace of rot she may or may not have.

Occupation and Personality Edit

Farorey is selfish, stubborn, and above all she is vain. All in all she is a terrible person. She keeps this fact well concealed, however, as she would appear to be an expert in ass-kissing.

Death Edit

Farorey's death is a gruesome tale.

She's quite proud of it.

((Under construction.))

((Image of Farorey drawn by

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