Author: Eberk

Eberk stood on the edge of the mountain, eyes locked with Khor. "Brother! You have ta come back ta Ironforge with me, it's no' too late!" Khor continued to watch Eberk. "Indeed? Is is forgivible now to betray our race? Do they offer their hand to their destruction? We have become fools. The dwarves are divided by hate and prejudice. No longer can we call ourselves noble! I will be the blade that burns a rend through the flesh of our race, I will remove the corruption from the earth." Eberk finally fell to his knees in desperation and frustration. "No! We are not... Yer not so powerful yet, Khor! It is not up to you to judge our race! Who will continue on?! The Dark Iron traitors? The Wildhammers? And you obviously mean to destroy those who dwell in Ironforge!" Khor smiled sympathetically. "Yes, Ironforge must fall. Left how it is, teetering like a great stone balanced no longer on it's base, it's fall is emminent besides my intention, and it would pain and destroy all in it's path. I will destory it utterly before that may happen." Eberk scowled and a hot tear cracked the mud on his face. "We will not fall to you, brother! Our rock is stable! Even the Wildhammers remain rooted to the strongest foundation of all: the earth. I will stop you if don't come back, even if I have to break you." And Eberk unslung the pack on his back, and revealed his greatest weapon, Endulman. Khor laughed. A true laugh laced with mirth. "At last! I have waited for this fight for many years. Come, Eberk, the first move is yours!" And so he pulled up his hood and from his eyes burned actual flame as he raised his black mace. It took both of even Khor's arms to lift it, it was so heavy. "We finish this at last." Eberk called a battle cry for Khaz Modan and charged.


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