Basic Information Edit

Name: Faya Everhart

Race: Human

Age: 22

Birthplace: Southshore

Class: Priestess (Holy/Discipline)

Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting

Affiliations: Member of the guild Rini Dieb, missionary of the Church of Holy Light

Description Edit

Faya stands at five feet, six inches tall. She has brown hair, grey eyes, and a long, narrow nose. She is of average build, with more curves than muscle. Her face wears an open, friendly expression at all times; when she is upset, her cheeks become flushed, but her smile never wavers. Across the apple of her right cheek is a pale, thickly raised scar.

Modest and humble, Faya doesn't care for opulent robes and ostentatious armor. Instead, she often wears a plain brown or white dress with cloth sandals. In the pocket of her robes she always keeps a small, well-thumbed prayer book, the one item she returned home to retrieve from her parents' cottage. Around her neck she wears a string of polished wooden prayer beads, a gift from Brother Neals at the Northshire Abbey, and the ring finger of her left hand bears a simple wedding band.

Faya is a priestess first, a wife second, and a friend third. To her, nothing else in life comes before these things. She is ever loyal to her beloved husband Ilmarin and to her new friends in Rini Dieb, especially the friendly paladin Enrik Hannigan and the rambunctious Night Elf Anahlar. Above all else, she is faithful to the Light, letting her faith guide and sustain her through all things.

Childhood Edit

Faya's parents, Thom and Mollie Everhart, were kind, simple country folk who made their living farming the rich land near Southshore and trading with the sailors who came in to port. Married young, the couple was adoring and devoted to one another, and took joy in raising their only daughter.

A deeply religious couple as well, Thom and Mollie often read to Faya out of a small prayer book given them as a wedding gift and taught her to put her trust in the Light.

As a child, Faya loved to sit on the dock and fish with her father. She also enjoyed learning from her mother how to mend old clothes and craft new ones. A friendly, joyful little girl, she knew only happiness until a few weeks after her sixteenth birthday.

The Darkness Before The Light Edit


Shortly after Faya turned sixteen, she and her parents set out from Southshore to the Capital City of Lordaeron, intent on doing business at the late summer farmers' market there. On the way, the family was attacked by a quartet of bandits from the newly formed Syndicate gang, a terrorist group that would later sack the city of Stromgarde and make it their base of operations. Hoping to make themselves known to the area by committing random acts of violence against travelers, the bandits robbed and killed the Everharts, leaving Faya as a witness.

As she stood staring at her parents' corpses, Faya found herself held at knifepoint. One of the bandits had grabbed her by her long, beautiful hair, yanking her to him roughly and holding a knife near her face. Later, Faya resolved never to wear her hair down again, and has since kept it in her characteristic bun.

The other bandits slit open her dress and began fondling her, pinching her, and squeezing her soft, pale skin. When she struggled to break free, the man holding her sliced open her cheek with his blade, giving her a permanent scar. Opening his fly and giving her a terrifying leer, one of the bandits moved towards Faya and made as if to rape her. At that moment, remembering what her parents had always taught her, Faya prayed harder than she ever had for the Light to protect her. A sudden, blinding flash of light erupted overhead, knocking three of the bandits back and startling the fourth long enough for Faya to break free. Though she was never a swift runner in her childhood, Faya's feet somehow flew that day. She fled to the Capital City, her dress in tatters, and only returned to Southshore once, months later, to retrieve her parents' prayer book.

For the next two years, Faya worked as a servant in a tavern in exchange for room and board. She sometimes went to pray and study at the Church of Lordaeron, but lacked the confidence to enroll in the priesthood. Word reached her of an organization known as the Brotherhood of Northshire, a group of clerics who traveled with the great Stormwind Army and kept the soldiers healed while they fought to protect the Alliance and its lands. Faya felt compelled to join, but didn't dare to venture out alone on the very road that had soaked up her parents' blood.

The answer lay in traveling to nearby Dalaran and seeking an audience with the famed Kirin Tor, something Faya did without the least trepidation. She stood before the Twelve, the elected officials of the Kirin Tor, and humbly but firmly asked to be appointed an escort to Northshire. The man who stepped forward was Ilmarin, a young but extremely talented mage whom she had met once before, when asking for directions to the Violet Citadel. The Twelve agreed, on the grounds that Faya would be obligated to lend aid to the Kirin Tor whenever they required the skill of a priestess.

Faya and Ilmarin left for Northshire, encountering many new adventures along the way. Less than a year later Ilmarin proposed marriage within a circle of floating flames lit by magic, and Faya accepted. They were wed upon their arrival at Northshire by Brother Neals, who became Faya's lifelong friend and mentor.

Though dismayed to learn that the Brotherhood of Northshire had been disbanded long before her arrival, Faya was eager to pursue the path of priesthood, having gained newfound confidence in herself through her experiences and Ilmarin's kind and constant encouragement.

Recent Events Edit


After failing a complicated mission involving a dangerous artifact assigned to them by the Kirin Tor, Faya and Ilmarin joined forces with a band of explorers known as Rini Dieb. Faya quickly made the friends she had longed for and found new purpose in serving as a missionary to the boisterous crew, despite the fact that they resisted her every attempt at teaching them "real religion." Her travels have brought her back once more to her hometown of Southshore, and she is learning to deal with wounds that have been re-opened, leaning on her faith as a reliable crutch.

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