Fenebae Mara SilverwindEdit

Race: Forsaken
Age: 20 at death would be 24 now
Birthplace: Stormwind
Class: Warrior
Professions: Mining and Blacksmithing
Appearance: At first glance many would think Fenebae were still human until they saw the small bit of rot on her body. Unlike many of her kind her brown eyes have not been replaced with the arcane energy. Her hair is a purple, red that hangs just an inch bellow her shoulders. She's usually seen around Sen'jin wearing a purple robe many would expect to see on a troll. A small silver ring rests on her finger, covering a circular scar.

In Life Edit

Fenebae spent most of her childhood in the churches of Stormwind and Lordaeron training in the art of healing. While her baby sisters practised sword-play she had far too many things to do. As the oldest she was expected to help around the farm, added to her studies the girl had very little play time.
As she entered early adulthood she took up the proposal of marriage from Galeth Val'dorn, a squir for her father. In a fit of rage from the deniyal of a blessing the newly-wed couple fled Westfall and took up residence in Darrowshire, a small town north of Lordaeron. Months of happy marriage passed until the strange plague crept it's way into their simple and peaceful life.

In Death Edit

The several months or so between her death and uprising are nothing more then a long sleep to Fenebae. She can clearly remember awakening though. Her first two years of undeath were spent wandering the Upper Kingdom, dodging the scourge and forsaken as they came along with listening to the little sayings of others awakening. Within time she tempted a trip into the Undercity where she was told all of what had happened. She swore her alligience to the Warchief of Orgrimmar, Thrall, but every day praises the Dark Lady for giving her new life.

She takes her afterlife as a new adventure everyday which she explores singing and dancing. A faint feeling of loss can linger on her at certain times, mostly when getting letters from her still living family. She has many friends and it does not take one much to gain her trust and love. She's often seen in the company of a fellow Forsaken by the name Victorin Wrongturner, who acompanies her travels through the world.

Current Events Edit

Fenebae has come a long way from her switch to a warrior, braving the depths of such places at Stratholme and Scholomance. Her rank with the Frostwolf clan is quite a honor for her. She can typically be seen in the company of an elf hunter.

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