Fiamma SwiftwolfEdit

Race: Troll of the Darkspear Tribe
Age: 19
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Hunter
Professions: Enchanter
Affiliations: Head of The Misfit Menagerie, operative of the Horde.

Appearance: Fiamma looks like your average troll woman. She has light purple skin, and it seems that her love for the color red extends past her flaming mohawk. She keeps the end of her hair long, part running down her back, the rest done into multiple braids. A flawless red feather is tied to the end of one of her braids, and shines catching in the light on occasion. Ruby eyes seem to observe all with a keen curiosity. When Fia (as she prefers to be called) is not in armor, and her skin is exposed, one may notice three long gash like scars in the middle of her chest. Though made by no animal.


Fiamma is an easy going sort. Though it is said she is not as outgoing as she once was. She'll greet most with a wave and good natured grin. She has a sharp wit, and swift tongue, which often suprises those she encounters. A bit racist, though probably more from ignorance than hatred of any other races.



Fiamma's past remains much of a mystery. She is told by family and friends that she was until recently, a shaman. She does not recall this, or much of anything. What she does recall, is waking up in the hot sun of the Valley of Trials. Stripped of armor and weapons...with three long scars on her chest.

Friends have seemed shocked to see her, saying she was "missing." Some even go so far as to claim she was "dead." But she usually shrugs this off, as improbable.

She has been working with a witch doctor in training, Tukulah, to try and piece together what she does not recall.

Her cousin Kandana and sister Miranka, are the most suprised of all. It was Mira that raised Fia, both their parents having passed when the girls were young. And Kanda that has been constant companion to the two. She believes that this may explain why there are so many dreams involving the two of them.

Kanda loves to harass her and state that she is much different from "The Dancer." A nickname she does not understand. Her cousin explains it simply "ja hit on everyt'in dat moved."

What she thought were dreams, may be bits and pieces of memories. Most focusing around Mira or Kanda. Or her closest friend, an undead man named Zachary. Whom it seems she spent much time aiding in forsaken lands.

Some dreams suggest that Fia had a darker past than many knew about. Whispers of the word "spy."

New LifeEdit

Fiamma is not wasting her second chance. No matter what the past held. She is the kind to enjoy life, and all its chances.

She has taken to the path of the hunter almost naturally. Miranka often tells her that their father followed the same path and that she herself used to as well. That it is in their blood.

It has taken some time to find her companion of choice, but it became obvious that the wolf fits her personality perfectly, as well as symbolizing she and her sister's self given name. Fia herself is much like the creatures... mischievous, curious, cunning, with a sharp wit that matches her blades, and a presiding sense of loyalty.

She has developed a deep bond with the white wolf Mearkada, or Meary as she calls her. Insulted if any dare call her a "pet." She still wishes to discover more about other creatures, including the wind serpents she has become intrigued with.

Zule'kin Mal'aiEdit

Zule'kin is a fellow hunter whome Fia has taken to enjoying the company of. A rather antisocial fellow, Fia met him by chance while visiting The Drunken Kodo in Ratchet one night. Something about him seemed to catch her attention and stand apart from the many she'd met there of late. Kandana likes to snicker and tease her about it. "Ja looooove da brodda." This may be more true than Fiamma would admit. Especially if one were to ask where she has been spending her nights.


Fiamma is up to mischief as usual. Most the time Kandana can be found somewhere near by. The two, bickering and harassing each other constantly. Though beneath the harsh words their is a much deeper bond and understanding.

When not around one friend or another Fiamma can be found near the waterfall in Orgrimmar fishing, or watching folks around the Drunken Kodo. Ever curious, and always looking for something interesting.

Recently things have become more serious with she and Zule'kin. He asking if she would commit sepanja. It is difficult for the two to find a shaman or priest of the Darkspear tribe willing to perform the ceremony because of Zule'kin's affiliation with the Bloodscalp.

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