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Finoria LifesongEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: 600 (Approximate)
Birthplace: Starfall Village, Winterspring
Class: Warrior
Professions: Unknown
Affiliations: None

Appearance: Finoria stands at average height for a Night Elf female, with little immediately noticable differences from the typical Night Elf. Her face is without markings, which is unusual, but even more usual is her white complexion, which though sees on occassion, is rarely as pale as that of Finoria's. Her appearance is indeed as white as the slows of her frozen homeland in Winterspring. She is well-built and extremely agile, but she tries to cover up her own physical abilities as much as possible. Besides this, there is little that makes Finoria appear out of the ordinary, except that they carry themselves in a manner that seems to be trying to appear modest in everything that they do.

In terms of clothing, Finoria usually wears a dark black robe (as seen above) with a glowing sword of the Ancient Kaldorei at her side. On rare occassion, she is seen in a suit of impressive armor inherited from her old master, but she usually tries to dress as modestly as possible, though her wardrobe is considered to be impressive both in size and quality.


Finoria's demeanor is generally pleasant, friendly to those who appear in front of her who are not hostile. Usually quiet, she immediately opens up to those she speaks with, and she appears to be a sweet and pleasant person on the outside. On the rare occassion when she is dealing with the profane or those whom she considers 'criminal' on the other hand, her demeanor is harsh and uncompromising, her eyes change from calm pleasantness to those of a hardened warrior. On occassion accused of being too 'single-minded' or being a 'crusader', Finoria has not denied such accusations, but they are very rare. It is rare that Finoria appears angry, but she is obviously very goal-oriented, with specific wishes and desires that need to be fulfilled.

Overall, Finoria is a pleasant person, though a very harsh opponent when provoked. Despite this, she has only recently appeared in the Cities of Azeroth, and so her purpose, wishes, and hopes remain a mystery.


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The origins of Finoria Lifesong are largely unknown. She claims to have been born about 600 years ago in Winterspring. She knows nothing either of her parents or how she managed to survive her early years. She claims to have lived alone in a cave deep in the interior of Winterspring until she became an adult. Her time spent living alone in the cave, though she does not go into specifics, was almost certainly extremely harsh and cruel conditions. She likely had very little protection from the cold climate other than the walls of the cave itself, sleeping on the cave floor without blankets or possibly even clothing.

What is known is that the harsh conditions gave Finoria an unbelievable resistance to extreme conditions. The prolonged exposure to cold likely damaged her senses, making it nearly impossible for her to feel heat or cold at an extreme level, though she still can sense it when it is a moderate condition (aka, she could tell if it was cold, but not if it was freezing). The other result is that the conditions made Finoria virtually immune to all types of extreme forces, which includes arcane power.

Little else is known about Finoria's early life in Winterspring. To those who have heard her story, most say afterward that it was a miracle that she managed to survive in such conditions with little to no shelter or protection from the harsh conditions.

Master FrostluneEdit

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The Third War and AessinaEdit

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Journey to the Eastern KingdomsEdit

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