Draeg FlamebeardEdit

Race: Dwarf
Age: 55
Birthplace: Ironforge
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinner/Leatherworker
Affiliations: Bouncer at the Wisps and Spirits

Appearance: Draeg bares the trait of his namesake: a nong firey red beard and a shaggy mane that he ties back to keep out of his eyes. His appearance is often gruff and unkempt, but hardly ever sloppy. His eyes are green and vibrant.


Flamebeard is often seen in the company of a Dun Morogh snow leopard named Janx, his companion through many adventures. The large cat is fiercely loyal to Draeg and his wife, Saraich and will unleash his wrath on any who would do them harm.


Draeg is congenial and hearty, with a very warm and kind spirit. When his friends or family are threatened, however, his demeanor becomes very serious. More recently, Draeg discovered that he has inherited his father's knack for diplomacy and oration, though he himself will always say that his dad was much better.



Draeg was the Son of Draelig Flamebeard, one of the top negotiators in Magni Bronzebeard's Diplomatic Corps. The elder Flamebeard was reknown for his way with words and ability to settle disputes without raising an axe or firing a gun. In fact, he made great strides towards reuniting the Ironforge Dwarves with their estranged Wildhammer cousins. Unfortunately, the Dark Irons, fearing that they may have to fight a united front, found Draelig to be a threat, and assesinated the diplomat as he crossed the thandol span.

Expectations immediately fell to Draeg to join the Diplomatic Corps and finish his father's work. Feeling that he was not skilled enough to take on that responsibility, Draeg left Ironforge and chose to live the life of a hunter, in the company of beasts rather than beurocrats.

The Old GuildEdit

Full of anger and disdain for the politics of Ironfoge after the death of his father, Draeg soon found himself seeking an outlet. He found that in a guild run by the notoriously bloodthirsty Night Elf known as Kaala, who'm he followed onto the battlefield, not out of hatred for the Horde, but only to vent his own frustrations. It was during this time that Draeg met the young human woman known as Crix Tanner. The two would become fast friends, and follow each other through many battles, adventures, and many nights of heavy drinking.

During this time, Flamebeard was captured by the Dark Iron dwarves, who attempted to brainwash him into joining them. Thanks to crix and janx, though Flamebeard was rescued, but the scars of his experience haunt him to this very day. Crix stayed with him during his recovery, and soon after they both became dissilusioned with fighting Kaala's war. The two left the guild shortly thereafter to seek out a more peaceful life.

The Wisps and SpiritsEdit

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Recent TimesEdit

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