Please note that the Frostmane Tribe is inactive now. We have reformed into the Coldblood Blitz Clan. This entry remains, since it is historically important to the clan, Trinda and other members of the realm.


A former all Troll group allied to the Horde. Its roots came from the Frostmane Tribe of Dim Bwoyar (Orc-Troll translation of Dun Morogh).

Their ultimate goal was to reclaim the lost Troll lands (starting with Dim Bwoyar; home of the Frostmane main tribe) and to revitalise traditional Troll culture. Most of the members were loud, outspoken and tended to seriously distrust the Undead (including the Forsaken).

Orc and Tauren Speakers were also accepted into the ranks, not as true members but as speakers for their people. In time, the elite may have been given true Troll rights, but none of the speakers have proved worthy of this honour. Dmitri (an Orc) was the closest anyone ever got, but he was killed before the ritual could take place.


Tribal Colours
Blue and white were the Frostmane colours (along with violet). They represented the sky and the snow. Paying homage to the wind and the ice. They also represented the very Trolls with their blue and white hair and skin.

The skull and bone trim stayed true to the primal nature of the Trolls. The symbol in the centre was a snowflake with a martial twist, in that it could also be seen as a throwing star. It was dubbed by the tribe as the snow-star.

Concerning the Horde
The Frostmane Tribe formed a loose alliance with the Horde. Similar to the alliance the Revantusk Tribe had with them. They were allies but the Frostmane Tribe remained an independent group. They were not obliged to follow any orders given by the leaders of the Horde. However, since the two groups shared a few similar goals, they aided one another within to the best of their abilities. It wasn't uncommon to see Zul'janda or Lana of the Frostmane charging into battle alongside the Warsong and Frostwolf clans. Nor was it rare to see members of the Horde aiding the Frostmane in their guerrilla war against the Dwarves.


The group dissolved following the reports of Katoon. They reformed into the Coldblood Blitz Clan.



Trinda To'Baga had been out of Dim Bwoyar for quite some time. In her travels she came in contact with the "New Horde". They had a great force behind them and had a good track record with Trolls.

From the entire Amani Empire to the Darkspear Tribe of the ancient Gurubashi Empire, the Horde was willing to accept Trolls as their allies. In many cases, some even considered the Trolls their brothers in arms.

Not being one to pass up a good opportunity, Trinda made council with the leaders of the Horde. They agreed to allow her and those she trusted to travel freely in Horde lands as an ally. She then had the arduous task of convincing the Frostmane main tribe to accept such a "charity". She explained that she would use her new ally status to gather a small army of Trolls from the outside.

At first, the idea was scoffed at, but then Trinda pointed out the fact that there were three established armies (Trogg, Gnome, Dwarf) already opposing the small tribe and another possible two (Night Elf, Human) could be deployed at a moments notice. She also explained that these were going to be handpicked Trolls. No one who didn't fit the ideals would be permitted to wear the Frostmane colours.

The elders held council for a few days and returned to Trinda wit their answer. The Frostmane would allow her to gather and train this "outsider" unit of Trolls. She would become the Chief of External Relations.

With great haste, Trinda went back to Orgrimmar to begin forming an extension branch of the Frostmane. She quickly found a group of Trolls that wished to aid her and the group as we knew it was established.


A year and a few months after the extension was formed, a spy within their ranks reported back to the elder council of the Frostmane with news they did not like. The results were swift and blunt. Trinda was kidnapped and hauled back to Dun Morogh where she faced a mock trial. For her failures in the eyes of the council, she was sentenced to death outside of Frostmane territory as they decided she was not even deserving enough to die in her childhood homeland. They also decided to scrap the entire extension, as they felt no need to support the "outsiders" anymore.

The execution at Iceflow Lake was a failure. Ujanda and Roshanar rescued Trinda. In the following weeks, Trinda considered becoming a freelance warrior. Though, seeing the support of her unit, she decided to form a new group. They called themselves the Coldblood Blitz Clan.

Out of Character notes and Contact InfoEdit

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Frostmane Tribe is no longer an active guild. We have reformed into the Coldblood Blitz Clan.

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