Aldea grinned wickedly. Four of them, right close together, this would be so easy. Rubbing her hands together she ran in, flash firing the farthest one to her. The other three ruffians decended upon her quickly. 'Such dumb brutes,' she thought to herself as she said a quick word and they were frozen right in place. She became practically giddy as she ran around them, arcane energies exploding outward as the Grimtotem tried to reach out for the small petite mage. Quickly they realized that they would loose this fight and began to run. It was too late, she froze their feet to the ground once more before the arcane exploded out from her one last time. In unison, they fell at her feet. She giggled and drank some water she'd made earlier in the day.

"Pay back hurts doesn't it? Maybe next time you won't be so quick to destroy your own kin." Standing she turned and headed back out of the valley. She just hoped her own kind would never set out to hurt one another on purpose. It was such a waste.

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