Please note that this character is inactive. This entry remains, since it is historically important to the characters that interacted with the character and other members of the realm interested in the realm history.

Gabe walk


Race: Draenei
Age: 25, appears to be about 15 in human years
Birthplace: Draenor
Class: Mage
Professions: Mining & Tailoring
Affiliations: Alliance

Appearance: A shade closer to blue than red. Gabrelle's appearance is appealing, even for an off-worlder, her horns are upswept and seem almost like Elven ears from certain angles, her large eyes glow the like the moon and her hair is a sultry shade of black like a lock of silk upon her head and drifting past her shoulders. Her tendrils - like all of her race - are small and seem to merge with that of her hair. She finds the Human and Elven clothing difficult, but struggles between clothing depending on her mood and tastes at the time.


Gabe red

Neither a very serious individual, nor a great role-model for her race, Gabrelle left home far earlier than her parents would have wanted her to. Her burning curiosity led her to explore the world around her, trying to discover all that she could about the strange and alien world that she had found herself on.

She still fumbles from time to time with process and protocol, maybe not fully understanding the races of Azeroth yet. While no rogue she does tend to step quietly about and would rather sneak into an area before running head-long into it. But when she's there, you can't keep her nailed down to a chair as she's always poking about and talking to people, and animals (not that they reply).


Gabe brown

Gabrelle was a small bundle in her mother's arms when her world tore itself apart. The once-peaceful Orcs were transformed into murderous savages and attacked their Draenei neighbors, slaughtering most of their population. Disaster was heaped upon disaster when the world was torn apart by the destruction of the Dark Portal.

After escaping their home world from the Orcish invasion, Gabrelle and a handful of her race had fled on the dimensional ship to Azeroth. Since arriving - like all her kind - she has begun the arduous process of mixing into society and starting her new life on this alien world. She stayed for a time in Exodar with her parents before venturing into the wilds and into the Elven lands perhaps to find herself and the reasons for her and her people’s exile. Or perhaps not, her parents still can't make heads or tails of their daughter's letters they receive in the mail.

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