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Ghrast is dead.

<As you browse the local newsstand, you spot a curious posting coming out of the Undercity. An item that does not often come from the home of the Forsaken: a eulogy...>

Ghrast, Overlord of Curse, and the Defiler of Worlds died on Tuesday, February the thirteenth of unknown causes. Possible murder, or suicide is suspected. The autopsy and investigation is still pending by members of Curse and officials from the Undercity. Ghrast was recently under trial for violations to the throne, but was acquitted of all charges, and underwent treatment for his addiction to the magical substance known as Winterfall Firewater.

Ghrast's accomplishments include the founding of the Queen's guild, Curse, as well as being responsible for establishing events that greatly improved the other races of the Horde's views towards the Forsaken. Ghrast also set forth an example that just because Curse was a group of walking corpses did not mean that they did not have a sense of fashion.

Ghrast's human name is unknown, so the age of (second) death is unknown. There is no additional family or next of kin. Ghrast is succeeded, by his own will, by Lady Meridith Darrow, Overseer of Curse.

Memorial services will be held in the graveyard of Brill at seven in the evening of Tuesday, February the twentieth, following a memorial march from the courtyard of Lordaeron's capital.



Memorial march and remembrance services for Overlord Ghrast of Curse.


The march begins from the Ruins of Lordaeron in Undercity and concludes at the Brill graveyard.


2-20-07. March begins promptly at 6:50pm server time. Speeches given immediately upon arrival.


The event is being organized by Plagos and the remaining members of Curse, now lead by Meridith. Contact one of the two for further information.


All players who come to the event to intentionally "grief" the attendees (this includes OOC disturbance, intention to cause undue violence/chaos or otherwise disturbing the procession as outlined by the links below) will by duly warned, ignored, and immediately reported. Those who do have in-character conflicts with Ghrast or Curse are welcome to come and add their bit of drama, but please respect the players involved in the event.

Outlined voilations made by Blizzard at the following links:
(Emphasis on, "Disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings," and, "Excessively casting spells with noticeable effects in crowded areas.")


Just to prevent any confusion, this is only for the character Ghrast. The player has simply retired from WoW.

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