Glithander Ej'lahona
Game Information
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Guild Resurrection
Professions Mining, Engineer
Vital Statistics
Hair Grey
Eyes Silver
Personal Information
Age Approx. 11,000
Birthplace Ashenvale
Marital Status Married
Family Krysna Ej'lahona
Naranna Ej'lahona
Kelynaria Whisperleaf

Glithander Ej'lahonaEdit

Appearance: Glithander is older than most. Age and experience have left their marks on him. Old scars stretch across his left cheek, and along his right ear. He appears to be an elf lost in memory, his eyes always questing for something. He is much more at home on the deck of a ship than he is in the forest; yet is seldom seen in many of the large port cities.


The Lost, Found.Edit

Most of Glithander’s past is a mystery, even to him.

He was found washed ashore near Auberdine, nearly dead. Local fisherman found him, and quickly informed the Sentinels, who turned him over to the Temple in Darnassus for healing.

The Druids there did what they could. While he did not remember anything about himself, or where he had been, they did remember him. He had been a Druid, and had been lost – presumed dead – for the last couple of hundred years. After some deliberation, they began to retrain him and restored him as an acolyte, despite his age.

Glith tried to dedicate himself again to the Temple, but it was difficult. He discovered that he had some skill in the bow and the blade. He found himself desiring the open deck of a ship. He grew frustrated and restive within the Temple. Eventually, he approached the Druids and after a brief discussion it was agreed that he should move on. They helped him to direct his energies and talents into Hunting - something that he took to quickly.

As he recovered, he found out from the Temple that most of his family had been lost in the upheavals of the Burning times. He had no memories of the war, or the loss of the World Tree, or of the coming of the Horde. While he understood these things - it was a changed world that he awoke to.

Recent TimesEdit

As he grew stronger and left the sanctuary provided by Teldrassil, he grew wary. He had vague memories of many of the places he visited, and they weren't always good memories. He became concerned about just what had happened during that missing time - about what he could have been or done that he cannot remember now. During a visit to Booty Bay, he thought that he saw Recognition in some of the older guards, and thought he heard quiet whispers behind him. He swore to avoid such places, despite feeling more comfortable there than he did elsewhere.

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