Please note that Goldark is inactive now. This entry remains, since it is historically important to the characters that interacted with Goldark and other members of the realm.


Stats Edit

Name: Goldark Mounderr
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Age: 71
Class: Hunter
Specialization: Marksmanship
Birthplace: Loch Modan
Affiliation: Goldarkium Brotherhood
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Professions: Gnomish Engineering, Mining

Appearance Edit

Goldark seems rather tall for a dwarf; although not as muscular as some of his kind, he does make up for it with great reflexes. His beard is the color of a sweet amber ale, and he seems really fond of it.

Personality Edit

What someone would quickly notice about Goldark is that he -hates- elves. He seems to make it a sport to lower their self-esteem with his annoying, perhaps offending comments. To others, though, he is somewhat Cocky, but if someone offers him a drink or two, he can become an interesting companion in upcoming adventures.

History Edit

Only a few individuals knows about Goldark's story. What he usually tells the curious ones is that he used to be a simple pirate and joined the Alliance to get some honest coins. There he met an old friend, Arkides, who invited him to join The Iron Blue Intention. He also encountered a few individuals such as Alastar, Jimbotomy, Victyr, Irena and Zerase. But after Arkides's "Death", when the fate of the guild was in Goldark's hands, he simply disbanded the Iron Blue Intention. Little is known of what the Lieutenant Commander is up to nowadays.

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