Please note that Gorski is inactive now. This entry remains, since it is historically important to the characters that interacted with Gorski and other members of the realm.


"Name:" Gorski Kolozar

"Title:" Priest with the Church of Undercity/Chaplain for the Harbingers of War

"Apparent Agent:" Later 40's Early 50's

Background InformationEdit

Little detail is known about the life of Gorski Kolozar. A somewhat sickly child born to the Kolozar's, not many recall even their names. What does stand out is his life and even his death was in the town of Brill, his military record of being a warfront Priest. Though his joining with the Church has two accounts one saying that he joined after seeing the refugees from Stormwind moved him to join to help those with little hope. Others say it was because the Priests tended, relieving his sickness. Either way he joined primairly to help others. After serving the army he moved into the internment camps to 'save' the Orcs and hopefully bring them to "Light's Mercy", finding only barbarism and cruelty amongst the guards Gorski returned to Brill with some doubt over who was the more righteous party. He'd stay in Brill until it was overwhelemed by the Lich King's Scourge, killing and Necromatically raising the Priest, even he doesn't recall what he did in those times.

Rebirth into the ForsakenEdit

When the Forsaken broke from the Lich King's hold, Gorski Kolozar was among many who were raised. Weak from the plauge, but still retaining an inkling of his Priest powers, Gorski had first felt that the Light was had still blessed him, even though he felt his abilities to call to the Light were unanswered. However he went out to help his fellow Horde, adapting quickly to siding with his traditional enemy, finding that amongst humans he'd only find bigotry from the Scarlet Crusade and from the human troops of Stormwind. While serving the Horde he volunteered to aid Matron Battlewail by providing money for the orphans of the Horde, this led to Gorski's affiliation with the Harbingers of War.

Association with the HarbingersEdit

In the beginning, Gorski found the Harbingers an alliance of necesity rather then really supporting the units 'military actions.' While he was a battle Priest and had a few decorations from the front, Gorski still viewed himself a man of peace but the need to help the orphans drove him to helping Vodral and his troops. He set himself up not only as a healer but an evangelizer, trying to bring a sense of morality to a Unit of troops. While this earned him scorn from the Warlocks it also was supported by various members who were at least amused that he really wanted to save them. Of course while he was trying to save them, he constantly tried to answer the doubt in his heart dealing with the absence of the Light. Not sure whether or not he abandoned it or it had really left him he tried to maintain a brave face until he could answer the question for himself.

Three Day Rebellion and ConversionEdit

(Under construction)

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