Please note that Grashagul is inactive now. This entry remains, since it is historically important to the characters that interacted with Grashagul and other members of the realm.


Description Edit

Name: Grashagul Isera
Title: Soul Harvester
Race: Orc
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailor
Age: 35
Affiliations: Unkown
Appearance: Grashagul stands slightly smaller than most other orcs. He is not as large or bulky as other orcs either. His face is covered in scars, with especially deep ones along his blood red eyes. His beard is a dark black and is unkempt but his hair is neatly braided, with strange fetishes in it. His hands have dark black demonic runes on the top.

Personality Edit

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History Edit

Origin Edit

Grashagul was born in the midst of the Second War, to an orc tribe that was invading Quel'Thalas. The orc tribe was not a normal barbarious tribe; they were an elite form of spellweavers, with a gift of demonic blood running threw their blood. Due to this blood gift, Grashagul had a special inclination to magic; within 3 weeks of his birth, he could form a small fireball in his hands.

When Grashagul was about 2 months old, the orc tribe's luck turned bad. The Alliance began fighting back with a vigor never seen before, and the tribe soon became overwhelmed by the High Elvish army. Soon began the massacre of his tribe at the hands of the elves. Few were spared, and most that lived were sent to internment camps. However, a High Elf magewright by the name of Remol Isera discovered the young Grashagul and brought him back to Silvermoon.

Remol presented the orcish child before a grand council to decide the fate of the baby. Remol pleaded with the council to allow for the child to be raised in Silvermoon and be taught a better use of his magical powers. Both Remol and the council agreed that Grashagul had a great inherent power, but the council was weary of allowing an orc to be trained in the way of their sorcerers. After much pestering by Remol, the council gave way and allowed for Grashagul to stay in Silvermoon.

Training Years Edit

During the next many years, Grashagul trained vigorously with the rest of the High Elf magewrights his relative age. Many of his peers were weary to talk with Grashagul, seeing him as slightly inferior because of his race. However, he proved to have a much greater grasp on magic than most of the other elves, and progressed quickly. He soon gained the respect of both his peers and his elders, and was given the nickname "The Green Elf".

Grashagul developed quickly. He quickly became confident in his ability and his knowledge, and became a fiercly competitive creature. Grashagul spent any time he was not spellweaving surrounded with books. The young orc loved the libraries of Silvermoon; he enjoyed reading the tomes of ancient lore, especialy that knowledge concerning demons and orcs. He became fasinated with his own race, and soon longed to know other orcs, especialy those who called themselves warlocks. The Elves forbid any one to study the dark magics that warlocks used, but that only made that kind of magic more intriguing to the young orc. He soon began to practice these dark rituals under the cover of night, and became hungry for magic.

Leaving Silvermoon Edit

Just at the peek of Grashagul's training, news reached Silvermoon of a horrible army of death creeping it's way towards Quel'Thalas. The Scourge, led by the Death Knight Arthas Terenas, the former prince of Lordaeron that had betrayed his country. The armies of the High Elves began to brace against the closely entreating armies of the undeath. Grashagul was assigned to help protect Silvermoon.

News reached Silvermoon everyday of faliure on the High Elves parts to stop the invasion. Quel'Thalas was being overrun by the Scourge, and Grashagul knew that his elven breathren would be too stuborn to leave, to save themselves. He could sense that the power of the Scourge was immense, and that Silvermoon would fall. As the armies of the Scourge approaced Silvermoon, Grashagul teleported himself to a ridgetop overlooking the city. He watched as the undead ravaged the city he grew up in; he watched the slaying and raising of his kinsmen, the corruption of the Sunwell, and the rising of Kel'Thuzad as a lich. He turned and left Quel'Thalas, knowing he would never return.

He spent 3 years wandering around the country sides of Azeroth, making his way down to the kingdom of Stormwind. There, under the magical guise of a human, he learned of the Third War, the truth of the Scourge, and the rise of a new orc kingdom in the distant land of Kalimdor. Grashagul made his way to Orgrimmar and met Thrall. Grashagul was awestruck; he saw the glory of the Horde, and soon became thrilled to be a part of this great race. He enlisted with the Horde, pledge his alliegence to Thrall, and joined a group that headed was headed to Ashenvale to control some of the demons that were still coming down from Felwood.

Tour in Ashenvale Edit

Grashagul headed out with the scouting party into the heart of Ashenvale. At the time, Ashenvale forest was still highly unknown to the Horde and, with the exception of the Warsong Lumber Mill, had no place for the party to stay. The party consited of a troll priest, a tauren tracker, and two orc warriors. One of these warriors was Mensha; she was the leader of the scouting party, and was a strong willed and tenacious fighter. Grashagul took a great liking to Mensha, and the two would talk for what seemed like ages during times of rest. The two fell quickly in love.

About 2 weeks into the tour of duty, the scouting party stumbled upon a small comunity of satyrs. The foul creatures attacked the party. The group fought valiantly and managed to force the demons to retreat. Just as the party neared what they thought to be the satyr's home, a great and horrible demon appeared before them. The demon brought down his firery sword, killing the troll and the tauren instantly and dealing a horrible wound to the orc. Mensha and Grashagul charged the demon; Mensha using her axe to cleave at the demon lord and Grashagul flinging fireballs at the demon. However, the demon managed to ward off both of their attacks. With a flick of his wrist, the demon lord sent Grashagul flying threw the forest, where he colided with a tree and was knocked out. Before he lost consciousness, he could hear the screams of his love being torn asunder by the demon.

Grashagul has no memory of how he was saved, but when he woke up, he was in an infirmary in Orgrimmar. He punished himself greatly; he had failed his friends and his love. Grashagul vowed to learn everything he could about demons so that he would be able to fight them better. Despite the warnings of his remaining friends, Grashagul became deeply involved with the dark magics, and became a warlock.

Blind Edit

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Insanity Edit

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