Gredda Stonebreaker
Game Information
Race Dwarf
Class Rogue
Guild []
Professions Skinning
Vital Statistics
Height 3'4"
Build a little plump
Hair brown
Eyes Brown
Personal Information
Age 42 (just emerging from adolescence
Birthplace Kharanos, Dun Morough
Current Residence Unknown
Marital Status single
Family unknown


Gredda is an average looking young dwarf girl -- rather unremarkable. Her mousy brown hair is typically tied back in a pair of braids and free of any adornment. Her clothing, too, is rather plain. Her face is the face of wholesome mischief. her eye are generally wide open, and appear as if they're taking in everything round her for the first time. Her cheeks are round and a little red and her musical laughter can often be heard.

They say looks can be deceptive, though, and that has never been more true than when applied to Gredda. Her past is purposefully clouded in mystery and she borders on lying compulsively. She has alternatively been a poor orphan girl, the only daughter of an ailing, single father, a handmaiden for dwarfish noble, the daughter of the magistrate, the heir to a large shipping fortune, and and the daughter of a famous smith. While the preceeding describes her "normal" appearance, Gredda has become quite skilled at disguising her appearance, either to take on a new persona or to blend into the crowd if being persued by the local authorities.

If she does have parents, they did a very poor job raising her. Behind her well-honed cute and innocent girl exterior lies a person who has grown up too fast and has very little in the way of morals. She won't hesitate to lie, cheat, steal, con, and even kill to get what she wants.

She survived her youth by picking the pockets of people of all races on the streets of Ironforge. If caught, she turned on the waterworks, feigned ignorance, and made her escape by rushing back to her parents who were always in a shop just down the street. Occasionally she went further, playing the part of a scared lost girl. Once taken in by some kind-hearted person, she carefully mentally cataloged anything in their dwelling that was of value, planned her escape, and made her exit under the cover of darkness, laden with ill-gotten wealth. While she was generally able to escape without notice, sometimes the situation escalated and she had to go further to ensure no one would be talking. More than a few startled people met their demise at the end of an expertly weilded knife, looking into the eyes of cute, helpless Gredda.

Her skills have garnered her the reputation of a thief of some renown, especially among the less-than-upstanding segments of society. Through a number of intermediaries and alliases, she has been hired to procure a number of well-guarded items, such as ancient artifacts, priceless jewels, and important documents. On one occasion, her services were utilized by the government of Ironforge itself to reacquire a top-secret gnomish contraption that had been stolen from a military instillation by one of her biggest rivals.

As she closes in on adulthood and with the increased traffic to the snowy shores of Northrend, Gredda has expanded her resume to include confidence games. She preys on newcomers to one of the Alliance port cities on the northern continent, playing one of many parts, including a down-on-her-luck treasure hunter, the member of an archeological team in need of monetary support, a seller of cure-alls made from exotic northern roots and herbs, or the scion of a lumberjack family. The unwary soon find themselves freed of a good portion of the nest egg they brought with them to the new lands and the friendly dwarf nowhere to be found.

Each year that passes seems to increase her cynical nature and shorten the list of things she won't do to get what she wants. When times are lean, she has increasingly turned to basic thuggery - putting a knife into some unwary traveller caught alone in an alley or isolated stretch of road and making off with any valuables on him.

In contrast with the cold, calculating thief is a normal little girl. Gredda IS facinated by the world around her and is always anxious for new aventures...and new opportunities. She loves furry things and will invariably squeel with delight at the large cats that she has seen elves ride. The arrival of the draenei, for instance, was incredibly exciting for her and she tirelessly confronted them with a neverending barrage of questions.

Gredda and the Explorer's LeagueEdit

In one of the few instances of honest work she's ever had in her life, Gredda was conscripted by the Explorer's League to retrieve from a Titan installation a data core containing information about the great citadel of Ulduar. She was unable to escape, however, without triggering an alarm and was forced into a harrowing chase from all manners of enemies, form iron dwarves to mechagnomes. Upon the returning the data core to the League, they paid her a substantial fee, unaware that she was the dwarf girl who had stolen more than a handful of priceless items from their very museums and offices back in Ironforge.

Her experiences with the Explorer's League also led her to meet the great Muradin Bronzebeard, a.k.a. Yorg Stormheart, whom she developed a deep crush on.

Gredda and the Bronze DragonflightEdit

Perhaps the most important theft of Gredda's career was a magical amulet from a magic shop in Dalaran run by a curious gnome by the name of Igno the Magnificent. Upon attempting to deliver the stolen amulet to her employer, Gredda found out it was none other than Igno herself. The gnome revealed herself to be Ignodormi, a young member of the bronze dragonflight. She has since taken on the role of Gredda's patron, working to arrange jobs and encouraging the dwarf to further develop her dubious skills. When pressed, Igno only told Gredda that she was destined for important things and that, in the future, the fates of many would depend on her skills. For someone as selfish and self-reliant as Gredda, the dragon and her prediction have become a thorn in her side.

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