Please note that this character is inactive. This entry remains, since it is historically important to the characters that interacted with the character and other members of the realm interested in the realm history.

Bio Edit

Name: James Grimhold. 'Grim'

Race: Human

Age: 23

Birthplace: Stormwind, raised in Elwynn forest just outside the gate.

Rank: Master Sergeant, Scarlet Crusade. Stormwind Section.


Tall and broad shouldered with quite a hulking build, most people disregard him as little more than a thug, often to their cost. A heavy brow and a natural frown that becomes quite a fierce looking scowl when angered highlights his ruggedly handsome face. Framed with a goatee and a full head of rich brown hair, those that look past the obvious facade of muscle and presumed idiocy will find someone who is quite intelligent and well aware of all that goes on around him. Blue eyes shine out from his face which has begun to slowly age with the weight of responsibilities and stresses placed upon him, aging his otherwise youthful appearance.


Despite projecting almost an aura of menace and sudden violence, he is quite likable so long as you don't try and remove his head or threaten anyone he considers a friend. A well of courage and determination as well as someone who is considered unshakable emotionally, he is often a rock for people to latch on to and use as their emotional tether when things become turbulent. However he is prone to losing his temper a little and letting fly with angry words and gestures when people seemed consumed by idiocy around him, especially when people don't realise or even try to understand the most basic principal of what he's trying to get at. Nonetheless he is usually quick to let the anger slide off him like water down a ducks back, should nothing provoke him further. Some issues have been known to keep him utterly seething with anger for quite some time however.

He does however respect honorable warfare and conduct immensely, almost idolising it as the perfection a warrior should aim for upon the field of battle. In this regard, the orcs have his respect and his admiration to a point, as do the tauren. Both are honorable opponents that he occasionally fights against, knowing that they can and will respect him as a warrior. Trolls and the forsaken however he despises, having fought against them and their underhanded tactics many a time.

Background Edit

Born to a family that lived in elwynn just outside Stormwind, he's had a country boys life with a city boys education which makes him somewhat unique among the people he meets. Friendly and open to new people with country hospitality, but also quite smart and certainly not one of the typical 'country bumpkin' type.

He is also quite unique in that both of his parents are still alive. However strange this may seem, it has ostracized him somewhat from other people who have lost parents in that it has mad him the odd one out. He will react quite badly to those who play the 'my parents are dead' story and it has got him in trouble a few times as he's grown up. Nonetheless, he does visit his mother who is staying with her sister in Stormwind while his father is away with the Stormwind army. He worries particularly about his father, but as his father is quite old, he is serving on a generals staff as a Sergeant Major.

However, while his parents (and brothers) are away, he returned home to find the defias having infiltrated the area in which he grew up in. This and other misadventures against them have created a seething hatred of the defias and any rogue elements within the society of stormwind that seek to undermine it. While the Defias are chief among his hated enemies, the syndicate is not far behind. Also on his list of undesirable is the Night Elves. Many stories from his father (who served in the third war) of their capriciousness and utter incomprehensibility have changed the way he sees them. Unfortunately the elves that he meets have not changed this view in the slightest, if anything furthering his dislike into outright anger at the very sight of them.

There are a few however that have earned his grudging respect.

He decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and practice the martial arts, becoming a warrior of decent skill and improving every day. That said, the Stormwind army did not particularly appeal to him so he set about defending the surrounding lands and even venturing quite far in his time as a Freelancer. After helping many people he felt the need for something more in his life... a drive, a purpose perhaps. To fill this void inside himself he found the Scarlet Crusade. Having had some dealings with them slightly prior to joining helped him make up his mind. Despite the naysayers and the rumors that fell about wherever they walked, he found them only honorable and with the intention of helping all they ran across. Having joined them, he seemed to have found a niche almost from the beginning at being one of the more... diplomatic crusaders amongst the ranks.

Recent History Edit

Despite the usual threats and howls of vengeance from the shadows nothing really has been of note lately... at least in relation to Grim. He finds himself as someone sitting on the outside a little, watching the major dramas take place in front of him and having no bearing on them. To that end, he has decided to devote himself to presenting a side of the Scarlet Crusade that many people have not or have never bothered to see. The side that basks in the light and is the strong, rightious crusade that he knows exists.

On the upside, he found himself promoted rather quickly, jumping forward a few ranks in order to help the section deal with the influx of new initiates. Along with (now a corporal) Balen, he's found his time between patrolling the city and training the initiates to be all but eaten up.

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