Please note that this character is inactive. This entry remains, since it is historically important to the characters that interacted with the character and other members of the realm interested in the realm history. Of note is that there is now a Troll Rogue of the same name (faction changed).

Grimwick GreywakeEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: He keeps that to himself.
Class: Rogue
Professions: Miner, Metalsmith, Fisherman.
Affiliations: Alliance

Appearance: Skin of a very pale hue, faint scarring of the shoulders. His hair is grey, but well-kempt. Although formerly garbed in plain robes; in order to cope with the harsher drier climates of recent travels, he has since adopted clothing that a fellow traveller once described as "cowboy". This term puzzles him, as his recent clothing has been sandy and tan of colour, not black and white. No doubt, some human joke he has yet to understand.

He picked up a broad-brimmed hat once in passing through Stormwind - he likes it very much.


Grimwick is perhaps best described as the "Gentleman Rogue". He tends to walk a solitary path, as might be expected of an old soldier who finds it hard to settle down. He is polite, but takes his time in trusting others, as he has been hard done by in the past.

His exploits have now led him far afield, and he has discovered a love of the open dry plains of Desolace and the other lands further south in Kalimdor. Of the cities, he likes the warmth of Ironforge - it eases his bones.

The dry climate of such open lands as mentioned above, has done much to improve his temperament.


Master Greywake was not always a rogue. He once worked as a warder who stood guard by the dens of hibernating Druids. On more than one occasion, he was privileged to be among the few to stand watch at the barrow den where Malfurion Stormrage himself would seek replenishment. Alas, although there was nothing within his capability that could have made things different, Grimwick was on guard during that particular hibernation from which Malfurion failed to return.

He, and the others on that watch, were severely chastised by the then-Lieutenant Staghelm. Grimwick made the mistake of querying Fandral's own frequent absences during that period and from the bitter dispute that followed, he renounced his position as a warder. Life was made difficult in a number of subtle ways for Master Greywake thereafter, certain privileges were revoked - some he expected to be, and some he did not. Some facilities no longer allowed him entrance, and certain townsfolk stopped talking with him: among one of these was a young lady whom Grimwick had been genteely courting for some time.

When Fandral Staghelm was elevated to Leader, Grimwick had no desire to remain with the majority of his people, and chose life as a solitary wanderer. He believes that Fandral Staghelm is hiding some important knowledge, and refers to him as "the worst rogue of our kind". Grimwick detests staying in the new city of Darnassus for any longer than he has to, and the only person he trusts in the entire place is another former warder who prefers to dig soil rather than serve the Arch-Druid.


As a boy, Grimwick was intrigued by the different types of rocks and crystals that were yielded by the land. As a wanderer, he came to revisit that childhood passion, turning it into a means of earning a humble living, upon which he survives to purchase his daily bread, pay for the price of a bed at an inn, and keep his gear in order.


Whilst inhabiting Ironforge, he took to hanging around the warm centre, wherein the Great Forge lies. It took some time before the local Dwarf workers loosened up enough to talk with him. In time and with persistence on his part, he was eventually allowed access to the forge, to experiment with the shaping of such spare metals as were left over from his tradings with them. They in turn, appeared to appreciate some of the minerals he brought back with him after various ventures. The working of plain metal into a functional form has since become like a meditation to him. He enjoys the simple and elegant lines of a well-made weapon, and continues to hone his craft in this regard.

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