Statistics Edit

Name: Haelin Masters
Race: Human
Age: 32
Class: Paladin
Residence: Stormwind, currently within the Cathedral

Appearance Edit

Haelin is relatively unremarkable in appearance, being of average height and weight for a human male. As well, he is commonly of the habit of covering his body fully in robes, with a dark hood pulled close to his face to make physical traits hard to determine. With the hood pulled back a bit further than normal, his general expression, a sneer, and strands of dark black hair tinged with gray are revealed. And his eyes burn darkly, hinting at an aloof contempt of those around him.

Personality Edit

Haelin is a strange combination of often conflicting attributes, simultaneously arrogant, ceaselessly driven, sadistic, and unflinchingly pious. By his claim, he is a servant of the Holy Light, driven to stamp out the plague of demonic corruption throughout Azeroth. This mission, by his conviction, is of such overarching importance that all means are justifiable, giving him great leniency in what he measures he might go to.
Haelin swings between extremes in his contact with other individuals. Mildly xenophobic to other races of the Alliance, he believes Humans to be the superior race. His xenophobia extends even further in regards to the Horde, which he regards as lacking in any sort of true civilization, at best little better than animals. However, his main bias is against those he suspects of moral failings, and all types of Undead, which he largely regards as one and the same. As such, he is able to interact with most non-Humans, although often with a patronizing air, in attempting to show them the error of their ways.

When an individual seems receptive to his philosophy, Haelin is a courteous, if not kind, companion. If, however, they seem to disagree with him, or engage in activities which he would disapprove, Haelin may be anything from contemptous to outright violent, depending on how severe he judges their offenses to be. In regards to Warlocks, or those who would aid them, he has often taken the stance that destroying them is a more expedient solution than attempting to enact redemption.

Before the Return Edit

Haelin displays a degree of recalcitrance in discussing his past, requiring those who would know more about him to learn through alternative means. Bits and pieces can be found as follows:

The AbbeyEdit

In the basement of Northshire Abbey, gathering dust sit a number of files cataloguing former students. On a brittle parchment, in faded ink, notes of an unknown instructor are kept on a young boy from a family of merchants, sent from Lordaeron to study the Light and gain prestige for his family. Numerous notes are made of his temper, connections to injuries of other students that can never be made, but always suspected. His inability to discern between right and wrong in his actions towards obtaining a goal. As well, notes of the quickness with which he learns, a keen interest in history, languages and tactics, his passion, and devotion to the Light. Eventually he is discharged, considered a Paladin. His learning complete, but a final note expressing trepidation for his capacity to succumb to his impulses.

The Silver HandEdit

In Lordaeron, among the ruins of what was once a headquarters of the Silver Hand, a scrap of parchment remains. The minutes of a meeting of the leadership, a petition to join the Order is referenced, as well as the declining of said petition. The candidate is considered too headstrong, passionate. Again, lack of an ability to refute ends justifying means is noted. The decision to reject the petition is not unanimous, the minutes state: "Menethil dissents from the majority."

The ScourgeEdit

Stormwind Keep maintains the records of those who served in the war against the Scourge. A Paladin is mentioned, enlisted after the fall of Lordaeron. Sent to combat the menace in what is now the Plaguelands, he was assigned the command of a small contingent of soldiers. One of his first edicts is to schedule regular sermons to his troops. Note of the high rate of casualties among this unit, as well as complaints filed by soldiers. The commander is regarded as polite, but cold. Those who fall from his favor are subjected to harsh treatment, physically as well as verbally. His tactics are regarded as reckless, leading to high mortality rates. However, he is successful within his position, and all complaints by soldiers acknowledge the Paladin regularly leads the same suicidal charges he orders, and those who obey his orders are well treated. At the close of the war and signing of the truce, the commander is presented several commendations and back pay, which is largely dispersed among his surviving troops.

After the WarEdit

In the Library of Stormwind, transcripts remain of numerous sermons delivered in public squares in the aftermath of the war, during the rebuilding of the city. A veteran of the war, the sermons are largely of the fire and brimstone variety. "Sinners" are urged to repent of their fallacies, or risk damnation. The names of numerous acknowledged Warlocks are mentioned, and mob justice encouraged. The transcripts make note that these sermons are largely vacant. As well, numerous complaints are filed within the Cathedral against a Paladin who, with a small group of city guards, accosted numerous citizens and damaged private property in random search and seizures. After internal investigations, it is noted, insufficient evidence was found to punish the Paladin in question.


The bank of Stormwind keeps the information of a client who, two years prior, liquidated the bulk of his assets before closing his accounts. In a quick scrawl, at the bottom corner of the summary, an angry teller has written "Insufferable bastard." The closure of the accounts coincide within a few days with the start of a string of deaths, stretching over several weeks. The violence was largely ignored by the populace, in the wake of tensions over heightened taxes by the monarchy, and the fact that those who died were, by and large, clearly connected to the Stormwind Underground. However, several appear to have no such connections, and the cases remain open.

No other paper trail connected to Haelin is obtainable, as he appears to have vanished from the face of Azeroth until...

The Present Edit

A few weeks ago, without warning, Haelin returned to Stormwind, despite vows to never return. He is vague about exactly where he spent his time away from the city and what he did. He is, however, highly vocal about why he has returned. In a notice issued throughout the city, Haelin apologizes for leaving, claiming that politics and corruption caused him to flee in disgust. However, he cites a vision he had during his exodus as the cause of his return, although its details largely remain a mystery.

In his notice, Haelin condemns the citizens of Stormwind, insisting that they have become even worse than they were when he left. However, he insists that he has come to Stormwind to attempt to "save" the city from itself. He also calls upon the faithful to join with him in combatting the threat of corruption.
The days since his notice have largely been spent in quiet, as Haelin begins the slow process of rebuilding his connections, seeking allies and gauging threats, in his chambers deep within the Cathedral of Light. Only time will tell what the next step of his treasured purges will be.

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