Edmund Q. Haigelberry, Esq.Edit

Race: Gnome
Age: Not very old. Old enough, though.
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Residence: Ironforge
Class: Mage
Professions: Tailor/Engineer
Affiliations: None in particular. Care to affiliate?

The Character DiamondEdit

(( The following is in the vein of the Character Diamond idea, which seems to me a very interesting way of going about character description. I will follow the Wedding Mnemonic, just because it's cool. ))

Old (racially-typical trait) - buoyant. As might be expected with any gnome, it's hard to keep a Haigelberry down — that is, er, sad. Edmund maintains a positive attitude, sometimes even when it is unwelcome.

New (racially-unusual trait) - unswerving. Unlike many of his brethren, Edmund tends not to dabble. If he's in something, he's in it all the way — even if it should cost his life. Multiple times. (This has led to a moderately unpleasant nickname: "Corpse-Run Eddie.")

Borrowed (class-typical trait) - voraciously curious. Like many mages, Edmund almost always wants to know more. He spends a lot of time — in fact, pretty much all of it — seeking new tailoring patterns and new magical tricks.

Blue (interesting color) - lonely. In spite of his bubbly exterior, Edmund is acutely aware of his place as the last of the Haigelberry line. To some degree, he will always be alone. This is not helped by the fact that he generally adventures alone, though he clearly enjoys cooperation in a group.


Edmund has large, blue eyes, which other gnomes sometimes notice first. Usually, though, the first thing people notice about him is that he's completely bald. He remains silent on the subject of why such a young, healthy gnome should be completely without glorious fuzzies. He does, however, wear impressive sideburns and a long soul patch, and his bushy eyebrows, long the mark of the Haigelberry clan, are fearsome indeed. This facial hair is a healthy, happy brown, and his skin is that kind of tan that results from a pale complexion being sent outside on a regular basis. He is short, even for a gnome, but walks quickly and talks with a fast and confident voice.

While his friends refer to him by his first name, or even as "Eddie," most people call him Haigelberry. Since he was the only member of his generation in the Haigelberry family, and his parents have not been seen or heard from in some time, he accepts this — to such a degree that he calls himself the "Last of the Haigelberrys."

He typically is seen both in town and in the field wearing whatever robes he finds most satisfying to craft; underneath these robes, however, he enjoys keeping in good fashion. Since his skills are constantly improving, the best way to recognize him in town is to look for a shiny-headed gnome with big brown eyebrows.


Edmund is very proud of his family name, and of the eyebrows that come with it.

He pursues Engineering purely out of a desire to satisfy a glorious family tradition; his own individual passion is Tailoring. While his tinkering is not particularly advanced, and he learns the complicated mathematics of the profession rather slowly, he can stitch up beautiful clothing so quickly it's hard to believe it's made by hand.

While generally polite, his sense of humor occasionally leans to sarcasm. He will gladly, however, turn a joke on himself, if he thinks that will prove the most fun.

He also tends to talk to his enemies, or even to the various inanimate objects he finds, rather more than other adventurers would consider "sane." But really, is sanity all that important?


Edmund remembers almost nothing of Gnomeregan, though he was born and spent his early childhood there. The loss of the city, however, did not shake him as much as it did others of his race; he has always felt that gnomes should integrate themselves into the greater society of Tall Peoples, and the isolated city was never very much a part of the world around it.

Although he is fond of the lands that the gnomes have shared with the Rather Tall People (that is, the Dwarves) for years, a recent trip to Stormwind has made him reconsider his choice of homes. While he enjoys the company of his fellow tinkerers, the Very Tall People ( Human) have a charm of their own. He feels quite confident, however, that the Disturbingly Tall People (Night Elf) will never attract him to their homelands.

He tries to balance his time among helping the various races of the Alliance, advancing his skill in Tailoring, and learning new magic tricks. He has yet to encounter members of the Horde outside the Darkmoon Faire, and so reserves any judgment on them until further experience.

Edmund has now officially set up Haigelberry & Haigelberry Tailors, the resurrection of an old family business. The name is a relic of a happier time, when there were in fact multiple Haigelberrys in the business.

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