Every year, the Forsaken come together in celebration of their independence from the Scourge. During this time, Curse honors the Forsaken, and the Dark Lady Sylvanas, by holding a party in her very kingdom! Across the inns of the Horde and Alliance, they may be giving away simple treats, or playing games, but the celebration in the Ruins of Lordaeron never forget the true meaning of the holiday!

Scheduled Events:Edit

Costume Contest!Edit

Come spooky Tauren, haunting orcs, and devilish Elves! Curse will hold it's exciting costume contest! Prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges, based on creativity, and skill in construction of the outfits. Even if you aren't in the contest, everyone is encouraged to dress up. This is a Hallow's End celebration, of course!

An open bar, and full buffet!Edit

A full stock of liquors, wines and ports will be on hand for whatever quenches your thirst. Various meats will be served, along with fruits and veggies. For other brave souls, perhaps you might be willing to try some of our Savory Deviate Delight. Also, for those of particular tastes, we will still be having our full assortment of tasty Alliance treats, including Draenei Surprise!

Duel a demon!Edit

With the reopening of the Dark Portal into the demon infested realm of Outland, it's important to keep up on your skills in the fight against the Burning Legion. So that we are always reminded of the threat, and ready for it, guests will be allowed to duel against a demon in a controlled area with warlocks on hand to banish the beasts back into the Nether. There will even be a special, exciting finale!


Come, allies of the Horde, so you don't miss the most exciting celebration of the season!


The Ruins of Lordaeron, Undercity


-Sunday, October 26th, 2008
-Gathering begins at 7pm (server time).
-Contests to begin shortly after 8.

More information on Hallow's End can be found and Blizzard's official website:


Brought to you by the Dark Lady's guild, Curse.



All players who come to the event to intentionally "grief" the attendees (this includes OOC disturbance, intention to cause undue violence/chaos or otherwise disturbing the procession as outlined by the links below) will by duly warned, ignored, and immediately reported.

Zone/Area Disruption:Edit

Emphasis on, "Disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings," and, "Excessively casting spells with noticeable effects in crowded areas."

WoW RP Server Policy:Edit


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