Happeppert Q. QuillgrinderEdit

Race: Gnome
Age: 91
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Mage
Professions: Alchemist/Herbalist
Affiliations: Gnomeregan

Appearance: Happeppert has bright, inquisitive eyes. He is an elderly gnome with a shiny, bald head and a shock of white hair sticking out from behind his ears. Frequently he seems as if he is in another world, commenting on what is happening around him, seemingly unaware of the reactions of others.


Happeppert carries himself much as a scholar would, albeit one with a devilish sense of humor. Appearances can be deceiving, however. Happeppert spent years fighting in the war on the front lines as a skilled mage and when pressed he can fight tenaciously for what he believes in.



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Looking for Tiktok/Happeppert's MadnessEdit

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Recent TimesEdit

Happeppert is currently trying to put his life together after losing much of his arcane knowlede while saving his nephew, Tiktok. He is overjoyed at what, he believes, to be a second chance to reunite his family and possibly even make some friends after a lifetime away from home, fighting in the wars. He has encouraged Tiktok to begin using a gnomatically engineered image capturing device in order to document his outlandish adventures, "lest the Quillgrinders start to be called liars." Some of Tiktok's friends, such as Jinx, Bipney, and, or course, Redux are quite cross with Happeppert for encouraging Tiktok to pursue such a dangerous activity.

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