IC InformationEdit

Fray Island

Home, sweet home. Everybody's got one, so why not the soldiers, too? A while after they first set up, the Harbingers of War rented out Fray Island as their "base." Though the Harbingers are frequently out on the field, they stop by the island now and then for meetings and, well, general mischief and loudness.

It's a lovely little location, complete with a (very) mess(y) hall and a pit filled with angry fish.

OOC InformationEdit

Fray Island is actually a great spot for guild meetings and otherwise. Looking for a place to hold that important discussion? The island may fit the bill. It's located just off the coast of Ratchet, near the pirate area. On the island, there is:


Hooray for maps!

A barracks room with plenty of beds,
A training room,→
A mess hall,→ → → The Guild Hall was recently exploded in a demon related incident and is currently being rebuilt, slowly.
A lecture room,→
The pit!
and some towers for your enjoyment.

To the left you'll find a map with the island itself circled. Can't miss it.

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