Description Edit

Name: Harklum Falrevere
Race: Troll
Age: 56
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale
Class: Mage
Professions: Tailor
Affiliations: Ordo Acrimoniae and The Pomp
Appearance: Harklum Falrevere is a tall troll, standing about seven feet. He has a slender, worn, but muscular body. His long black hair comes back in a large tail, with fluffy side burns covering the sides of his pale blue, elongated, weary looking face, with dyed purple on his forhead and each side of his nose. His large tusk stick out more than a foot from each corner of his mouth and have a slight curve upwards.

Like most trolls, Harklum's stance is slouched. He tends to look a bit worn, if not old when walking.

Around town you'll see him wearing robes of brilliant colors. Although, if you're lucky, at times you'll see him showing his true identity, that of a Bloodsail Admiral.


Harklum is your everyday genuine "nice guy". Being an old troll, he's had alot of past experiences to shape who he is. He's a very knowledgable for a troll and at times may seem to be a bit of a smart ass. Harklum is extremely laid back and easy to get along with. Although, he does enjoy a bit of drunkin' troll dancing every now and then.


Harklum was born by Trolls of the Darkspear tribe. Unfortunately, shortly afterward a massacre took place. He was then taken in by Duke Falrevere, leader of the Bloodsail Buccaneers. There he was raised and taught until the age of seventeen. Determined to further his study of arcane, fire, and frost magic, Harklum left the Bloodsail navy, on good terms, and traveled to Orgrimmar. Eventually joining the Horde.

Many years past and Harklum slowly became a powerful leader. He had many friends and few enemies. His clan grew more powerful everyday. They conquered from the jungles of Zul'Gurrub to the depths of Molten Core. In the climax of their glory his leadership came to an abrupt end. Harklum went missing for many years after that. Rumor has it, he's back, back to reclaim his former glory, back to fight for our friends, families, and allies, back to honor the Horde.

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