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Description Edit

Title: Reefwalker
Name: Hekimi
Race: Troll
Age: 60's...probably
Birthplace: Hinterlands
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailor/Enchanting/Fishing
Affiliations: None, but in friendly standing with the Argent Dawn/Crusade due to significant efforts erradicating the undead.

Appearance: Hekimi has a rather gaunt appearance, looking a bit like a multitude of sticks held together precariously with bits of string. Still, he has a wiry strength that is bellied by his fragile appearance. A shock of hair, white from a very early age, sprouts from his head and is tied back in a sloppy pony-tail. His bright green eyes sparkle with child-like mischief. His frequent smiles reveal a wide mouth with more than a few missing and broken teeth, the result of years of wandering the wilds. A close examination will reveal he is missing a good portion of one of the fingers on his left hand, unusual for a member of a race with extraordinary regenerative powers.


"Irrepressible", "irresposible", and "irreverent" would be three very good words to begin describing Hekimi. He has approached, seen, and passed the age by which most have settled down to raise the next generation, yet he still acts in many ways like an adolescent. He wanders into places he doesn't belong, finds himself in constant trouble with authority, unsuccessfully flirts with anything of the opposite sex and walks with an unerring sense of immortality. Only the wrinkles creasing his face and the slight hobble in his step betray his advancing years. No one, not even Hekimi, knows his true age, though he has probably seen at least 60 summers.

His parents, both proud warriors, wanted the same for him, but his slight build and dislike for authority made that path less than suitable. A risk-taker even in his youth, Hekimi gained his nickname of "Reefwalker" due to his habit of hopping and skipping on the razor-sharp corals on the shores where he grew up; an ability made possible by the unusually thick soles of his feet. He wandered away from home at a young age, eventually falling in with an old hermit who trained him in the priestly ways. After a few years he struck out on his own on a mission which he forgot long ago. He has made it back to his home village several times since then, but his parents were nowhere to be found -- one of the few times when his mood has darkened.

In his younger years he was a disciple of Hi'Reek and became a familiar sight as he wandered from village to village dispensing wisdom and healing to those that needed it. But as the years advanced and the extended time in solitude took it's toll, Hekimi began to act more and more erratically. In his middle years, Ogoun and Legba took an increased interest in Hekimi, resulting in him wandering even more and dealing out hexes and curses to those that he feels have wronged him. Eventually, Hekimi took to wearing the blood-stained robes removed from a defeated Atal'ai priest and a mask from a powerful witch-doctor of the Sandfury tribe. It may be that the influence of Hakkar still clung to those artifacts, for when Hekimi began wearing them, he began to increasingly be consumed by a shadowy aura and his behavior turned more cruel and heartless than normal.

As he approaches the twilight years of his life, Hekimi has learned to embrace or re-embrace all parts of voodoo - appeasing spirits both benevolent and malicious and doing the will of the Loas, whether it be by healing or punishing those that deserve it. He is a troll of many facets, a crazy old man one moment, a wise sage the next. He can be vindictive as a demon or as caring as the Light itself depending on the whims of the spirits. He has dedicated himself to maintaining the religious and cultural ties that all trolls have in common, no matter the tribe - likely the goal he was following when he wandered off all those years ago, in his youth. In this way, he very much resembles a hexxar of the ancient troll kingdoms.

Hekimi has a love for various knick-knacks and souvenirs he picks up in the course of his journeys. Many would consider his collection a bunch of junk, but he considers his rusty weapons, lizard scales, and shiny trinkets priceless treasures. Banks all over Azeroth are homes to Hekimi's stashes and he is always weighed down by pouches and bags filled to the brim with his latest aquisitions.

Hekimi's greatest joy in life is swimming. He will strip and jump into any body of water he comes across, be it in a small pool in a haunted glade or a moat surrounding an elven fortress. As he paddles through the water with extraordinary grace, he feels he is closer to the spirits than any other time. Recently, Hekimi has begun fancying himself an expert fisherman and can often be found peddling his wares in the towns and villages across Azeroth. He carries with him an basket, enchanted to keep the fish kept within as fresh as the minute when they were pulled from the widespread waters of the world.

Though he may appear fragile, long years and many adventures have left him very resilient. Inclimate weather, falls down steep cliffs and attacks by hostile creatures seem to have little effect on this old priest -- he simply gets back up, brushes himself off, and continues on his journey.

Hekimi and the undeadEdit

Hekimi has an extreme dislike for Forsaken, though whether this is due to any deep ideological reasons or simply because he doesn't like the smell is anyone's guess. The reasons he often cites - the use of dark magics, the binding of spirits, canibalism, etc. - are all things that trolls, and Hekimi himself have partaken in. Whatever the reasoning, his hatred was reinforced after witnessing the Forsaken betray the Horde and Alliance forces at the Wrathgate. Feeling that the action justified his suspicion that all Forsaken plan to eventually turn on the living, Hekimi has become a prophet of doom, preaching to all that will listen about the dangers of the undead and the need to dispose of the them - Scourge, Forsaken and Death Knights all - before they attempt to destroy all life on Azeroth.

Friends and FamilyEdit

Any family Hekimi had are most likely long-since deceased. What friends he has made have likewise died or have faded away into the general population. Oddly enough, his closest companion is likely a young red dragon by the name of Fumostrasz. A headstrong drake with a love of fish and swimming that almost matches Hekimi's own, Fumostrasz encountered and bonded with the old witch doctor in the wastes of the Dragonblight. For his part, Hekimi was impressed that the red took the form of a troll instead of a lesser being such as a human or elf when they first met. The two have a similar hatred of the undead and a drive to do what it takes to destroy the Lich King and his Scourge.


Hekimi-grey bird

That darned bird

  • Hekimi is terrified of flying in zepellins, but has no problem with riding wyverns or other flying creatures.
  • Hekimi's mother was a member of the Frostmane tribe.
  • Hekimi is often followed by a bird that began shadowing him when he was wandering once through the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. He will curse and yell at it, but he is secretly glad he has a constant traveling companion.
  • Hekimi is quite clumsy.
  • Hekimi loves bunnies and other small furry animals.
  • Hekimi has the dubious "honor" of having been adopted by a pair of netherdrakes named Ombrenus and Soiraku. The two drakes can seemingly track him through magical means and each have a propensity to carry Hekimi around like a small pet and show "their" little troll off to others. As such, when venturing into the Outland, Hekimi rarely has anything more than a minor say in where he goes.

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