Pirate Profile
James “Higgins” Heinrick
Game Information
Race Human
Class Rogue
Vital Statistics
Height 5'11
Weight 163
Build Muscular
Hair Red-Brown
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age 29
Birthplace The Great Sea
Marital Status Single
Pets Green Wing Macaw, Senegal
Family N/A


James has always been and forever will be a gentlemen. But don't cross swords with the man as it is surely a losing proposition. Wild-tempered but always well mannered he is no trouble when you remain on his better side... not so much if you anger him.


Born on the seas, James hardly knew dry land. His father was captain of a merchant ship that made port all around Azeroth. He learned how to fence and how to sail, he learned how to fish and barter; but most important he learned to command a crew.

When he was only 17, one year from taking over his father’s position as captain, the ship was docked and raided by pirates only he and the first mate survived and only by jumping from the ship and swimming to a nearby island. On shore he watched all he had ever known burn and sink to the bottom of the great blue, for this crime he knew he would get revenge.

In 10 Short years James had grown into a strapping young lad working on an alliance ship as a privateer hunting down and destroying pirate ships. One night the ship was boarded by mercenaries hired to kill the crew. James had crow’s nest duty that night and had been spared, the rest of the crew murdered by the hired men and dumped overboard. James then brought the ship back to Menethil Harbour (which was just up the coast) himself and asked to have a crew so that he could carry out his mission properly. His request was turned down. Over the next few weeks he gathered like minded men and prepared a crew that would sail under his command. They commandeered and alliance ship and sailed out of the harbour.

James created the (Unnamed) Privateers a group which was first created to hunt down and destroy pirates, but they have now evolved into a full-fledged group of pirates that plunder from other ships and trade the goods in Booty Bay. They are affiliated with the Blackwater Raiders and act as their muscle in removing competition such as the Bloodsail Buccaneers. James is the self-proclaimed Admiral.


Heinrick and his men are neutral with all Alliance factions and are allied with Booty Bay and the Blackwater Raiders. They are hostile towards all other pirate or Horde factions.


This character is still in the lower levels and hasn't quite obtained his crew/ship/guild yet! But it's on its way damnit! Pirate

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