Description Edit

Guild Leader: Brisin
Summary: A Blood Elf only guild hellbent on having their former ancestors the "Highborne" become the sole power on Azeroth.
Events Held: Silvermoon Tavern Who to Contact: Alliance Contact: Dymao; otherwise contact Brisin

Creation Edit

The brainchild of Dymao a Night Elf with a direct connection to the former Highborne. He had allowed himself to change from a Blood Elf to a Night Elf and vice versa at will. As a Blood Elf he is known as Brisin. Dymao see's his kind becoming the power of Azeroth and has created his own personally army of Primarily Blood Elves to gain control of the World.

The EnemyEdit

While the Blood Elves are technically members of the Horde, Brisin and the others in the Revolution hold the Horde as a wait and see threat. The Revolution has however stated they will not threaten the Horde. They hold the Scarlet Crusade as one of their primary enemies, finding them to be absolute scum and should be entirly eradicated. The Alliance is seen as a threat and the guild does aide the Horde in battle against the Alliance, while Brisin does not see this as worth the time but does not prevent his soliders in fighting the Alliance.

OOC Information Edit

The Highborne Revolution is a RP guild above anything else, though there is plans for raiding at some point in time. They will hold a Tavern in Silvermoon weekly to fund their Revolution. The Highborne Revolution is a Blood Elf only guild and will not accept anything else.

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