by Sinnea

((By way of explanation, this is just a quick little ditty I dashed off to help illustrate the differences between the Alternate Universe timeline that Sinnea came from and the modern World of Warcraft world based timeline, and is all in good fun ;) ))

There were no grand peals of bells, no celebrations as the forgotten son of the Elven people returned to the place that had once been his home. His heavy metal boots ringing out on paths laid with loose stones, casting a long shadow enhanced by the black cloak that unfurled from his shoulders like wings, he removed the helm he wore and his long black hair danced in the light breeze. He nodded slightly to the pair standing before him, watching him with a touch of apprehension. At his sides Sentinels stood, their bows at the ready but undrawn, for the moment, waiting for the slightest command to skewer him.

A sardonic grin spread the lips of Illidan Stormrage, who had now dubbed himself The Destroyer. "Is this the grand welcome I receive? As you can see, I come alone, in a gesture of peace and unity..." He bowed low, with a mocking flourish of his hand.

Malfurion growled softly, but Tyrande laid a gentle, staying hand on his arm. "He cannot harm us here, like this. It is possible he has changed, my love...and if not, he is easily stopped," she murmured close to his ear, although the glance she cast at Illidan betrayed her anxiety. "We must try and think the best of those we love, and not the worst."

Malfurion narrowed his eyes as he looked Illidan over. "You have been a traitor to our people, you truly come here now, after all that you have done, with a message of peace?"

Illidan's gaze flickered from Malfurion to Tyrande, and his stance shifted slightly, the corner of his grin twitching up a bit higher, as if relishing a delicious secret. "I have indeed come with a solution to the conflict between Medivh's forces and the Kal'dorei people. But first, my not be so stand-offish. Forgive me my former trespasses, and let us embrace." He held out an arm to his brother, his hands empty.

Malfurion and Tyrande exchanged a cautious look, and then Malfurion sighed. "Very well..." He strode forward, unobtrusively calling the powers of the earth upon himself to protect him from any poisons or blades that Illidan might produce.

Illidan spread his arms wide to embrace his brother...but as he did something happened. A wave of sensation came over all those present but him, the violet eyes of the assembled Kal'dorei flickered and they fell, stricken, to their knees.

"No..." Malfurion said, pained and clutching his chest, feeling the scream of the World Tree itself as it was assaulted from its very roots by sickness, corruption, rapidly spreading through it. His body wrenched in sympathetic response, trying to lend his strength to the Tree, to help it fight back the corruption...

Shadowed against the wall of the Temple of the Moon, Illidan strode forward, a huge blade in his hands. The runes along its length flared to life as with a single thrust he drove it into Malfurion's body. Malfurion gasped in disbelief, his golden eyes going wide as his brother ran him through, and as Illidan wrenched the blade back again, giving it a cruel twist, he fell forward against the steps. The force of the collision snapped one of the deerlike horns adorning his brow off, and it bounced until it came to rest at the foot of the stairs.

Tyrande cried out in agony, reaching out towards her lover's slain body, her own likewise fighting back against the corruption that was rapidly spreading throughout all of their people. With a cruel grin Illidan approached her, standing over her, holding the blade that still ran with Malfurion's blood.

"And who cast me aside, betrayed me, turned me away so many times..." He murmured, his voice full of menace as he leaned forward. Tyrande gazed up at him, her eyes which had once held sympathy and forgiveness for him now full of nothing but hate.

He reached towards her and she doubled over, gasping as forces moved through her, changing her, her skin paling and her eyes glowing a sickly yellow-green. "You...will serve me..."

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