General InformationEdit

Full Name: Huut'vactah (Common: Kreyn)

Race: Air Ele

Age: ???

Date of Birth: December 19

Class: Shaman

Occupation: Emissary of the Elemental Plane

Title: The Avatar of Al'Akir and Craftsman of Skywall

Affiliations: Skywall, The Exodar, The Draconic Path

Hair Color: Reddish-Brown

Eye Color: Gray

Height: 7'5"

Weight: 350lbs

Birthplace: Skywall, Elemental Plane

Current Home: The Exodar

Languages: Common, Draenei, Auran, Kalimag, Yseran, Draconic, Demonic, and Thelassian


Huut'vactah, when disguised as Kreyn, appears to be a elderly draenei. Tall, large, and muscular, his radiant blue skin is highly recognizable in a large crowd. His hair is gray and pulled back into a ponytail, held together by an elegant clasp at the end. He sports a neat goatee, sitting just above his four face tendrils. His horns retreat down his scalp and into his neck. He is also adorned with strange and mysterious runic tattoos, which symbolize Skywall and the Air Elementals.

His true form, on the other hand, appears as a massive and brilliant figure made of raging storms and the fury of the wind. A long, white cloak drapes from his thunder collar and covers his shining armor he wears beneath it.


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