Illiadra Fireheart
Game Information
Race High Elf
Class Hunter
Guild Bad Moon Rising
Professions Skinning
Vital Statistics
Build Muscular
Personal Information
Age 16
Birthplace Unknown (Raised in Durotar)
Marital Status Single
Pets Blacktusk (Boar)


Covered in a thick layer of dirt and dried blood, this young Elf appears quite rough and unfriendly. Though barely over 16 years of age, she is already covered in ragged scars. Not bothering with all the fancy nonsense of her fellow Elves, Illiadra clothes herself in the tribal clothing more suited to the orcs.

Though she rarely speaks, when she does, her voice is extremely gruff, and has a heavy Orcish accent.


Illiadra has had a rather tragic history, as it seems so many have these days. Her original parents were both High Elven Rangers under the old Alliance, though their names have been lost to history. She was adopted and raised briefly by a human family in Kul Tiras. They joined a small camp of refugees who were setting up an encampment along the southern edges of Durotar. The camp was wiped out by a warparty of orcs who rightly saw this new village as a threat to their new homeland.

Illiadra herself was saved by a brave young orc who gave his life to protect her, defying the orders of his leaders. She was again adopted by an old orc shaman, herself quite old by this point.

The shaman Rashika Fireheart, who the young elf simply called "Mother", taught Illiadra much of the orcish ways, and she learned a healthy respect for nature and the hunt. Considering herself more Orc than Elf, Illiadra has finally reached the age at which she may hunt on her own. After completing her first solo hunt and adorning herself with the blood of her prey, she has now been declared an adult and released by Rashika. Now, Illiadra attempts to help ensure that the Horde remains strong and firm in their new home, especially her Orcish "brothers" and "sisters".

Blood Elf or High Elf?Edit

Illiadra, having learned under a wise shaman, cares deeply for the spiritual and physical health of the planet, nature, and her own body. She has refused to give in to magical addiction, instead meditating daily, communing with the spirits and the elements. Though they do not speak back, as with many orcs, she knows that they guide her actions, and help keep her from falling into addiction. It is for this reason that she would never willingly drain the energy of another to slake her own thirst for magic, no matter the excuse.

As she did not grow up with other Elves, and in fact never even met another Elf until just recently, she was not present when the High Elves splintered apart, creating the Blood Elves. This lack of political allegiance, combined with her control over her magical addiction, would place her squarely in the category of "High Elf", although she would not refer to herself as such.

She simply thinks of herself as a thin, pink Orc.

Modern TimesEdit

Under Construction

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