Statistics Edit


Race: Human

Age: 24

Birthplace: Dalaran

Class: Mage

Professions: Herbalist/Alchemist

Affiliations: Special Agent to the Kirin Tor; Member of the Rini Dieb Explorer's Guild

Description Edit

Physical Appearance

Ilmarin is a solidly built young man possessed of intelligent green eyes and a scholarly demeanor. His fiery red hair is worn long and often pulled back into a ponytail. He currently sports a trim goatee. There is a violet signet ring bearing a stylized golden eye on his right hand – a symbol of his status with the Kirin Tor. On the opposite hand sits a simple golden wedding band which signifies his marriage to the priestess, Faya Everhart.


Ilmarin doesn’t like to be told what to do, and he doesn’t let things stand in his way once he’s set his mind to something. Often called “stubborn,” his tenacity has helped him through some of the more difficult tests of his training. He’s accomplished a lot through force of will alone.

There’s more to being a mage than simple resolve. Ingenuity is also required. Never satisfied with doing something the same way as everyone else, Ilmarin's intelligence and eye for detail opens up with clarity pathways to a solution that otherwise would’ve remained hidden.

These combine to make it very difficult for anything to remain secret from Ilmarin for long. He feels compelled to get to the bottom of every magical, philosophical, mathematical, and scientifical item he can get his hands on or catch wind of. This dedication naturally extends to his wife, whom he loves fiercely.

Ilmarin isn’t always all business, though. He’s found a sarcastic sense of humor to be one of the best ways of staving off magic’s influence and lightening a mood.

History Edit

Early Childhood

Ilmarin was born in Dalaran shortly after the start of the First War between the Orcs and Humans. His father, Malachai, ran an apothecary in the Trade Quarter, and his mother, Isabella, kept the apartment above the shop tidy. He had no siblings.

Despite being an only child, the boy recieved little attention. His parents spent most of their time tending to the business and keeping up with household chores. Ilmarin minded little; being left alone gave him plenty of time to play with his real friends - the books and scrolls in print shop next door. By age seven, he'd read the Gallian Scrolls twice and was halfway through the Tyran'anath Memoirs.

It didn't take long for Ilmarin to discover magic, and the books in the library weren't enough to sate his growing curiousity. His only recourse was to enroll in the Kirin Tor's Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences, which he did as soon as he was of age.

Ilmarin in the Academy

Ilmarin as a student in Dalaran

For Ilmarin, becoming a student of the Academy was the turning point of his life. He'd never felt so at home as he did when walking the halls of the Violet Citadel. Studying the arcane, the young man was in his element.

The curiousity he displayed as a child quickly revealed its worth over the course of his classwork. Ilmarin soon found his instructors were covering texts he'd read for pleasure. Not minding, he dove into his assignments with relish; cherishing the opportunity to actually practice the concepts he had, up to this point, only heard about. Ilmarin's grades soared.

His fervence in studying often led to more than its fair share of trouble, however, and Ilmarin spent just as much time before the Academy's Review Board as he did in his classes. One such incident occured when the young mage, along with two other students, decided to summon an elemental as part of their Introduction to Conjuring course midterm. The novices were successful, much to their instructor's befuddlement, but it quickly became evident that the anchoring runes keeping the giant at heel - which had been jury-rigged to allow for a quicker cast - were more than a little unstable. The Conjuring class was forced to meet in the North Garden for the remainder of the rainy semester while repairs to the classroom were made.

Though the rest of Ilmarin's term may have been marked with the occasional "colorful incident," his scholastic record remained unblemished. Top grades seemed to fall into his lap from the Nether itself, though no doubt his rigorous study habits were the true culprits of his success. Upon completion of his coursework, the young man graduated with honors and was awared full rank within the Kirin Tor.

Ilmarin and Faya

Having earned mageship, Ilmarin now worked in the Violet Citadel as a researcher. It was in this position that he ran into the woman known as Faya Everhart; a priestess from the southern fishing village of Southshore.

Faya had come to Dalaran requesting aid and escort while she made a pilgrimage to join the Brotherhood of Northshire. The roads were no longer safe, and rumors of a plague in the northern villages had put everyone on edge. Being so, the Kirin Tor granted her request (more to get her out of their hair than anything) and assigned the still wet-behind-the-ears Ilmarin to the task.

The journey south was uneventful for the most part, the only trouble came from a few wild animals and one attempted mugging, but it gave the pair an opportunity to get to know one another. By the time they made it south to the forests of Elwynn, Ilmarin and Faya were very close friends. Unfortunately, news of Dalaran's destruction at the hands of the Burning Legion had followed them.

Ilmarin was a wreck. The only comfort he found was in the young priestess with whom he'd grown so close. Through her sincere love and ironclad support, the mage successfully managed to cope with the ordeal. The feelings engendered between them lasted, and it didn't take long for the mage to propose marriage. The two were wed in the local abbey later that year.

Recent History

Ilmarin searches for the Fang of Cyangos

Four years after the wedding, Ilmarin was contacted by the surviving members of the Kirin Tor. The Archmages had received information relating to an ancient magical artifact known as the Fang of Cyangos.

The Fang was believed to have belonged to one of the decimated blue dragonflight. This flight, led by the Aspect Malygos, was charged with the protection and guardianship of the manaways and were often found watching over items of great magical power. Having belonged to a being of magic, the Fang was thought to hold tremendous energy, perhaps even possessing sway over raw mana.

The Kirin Tor tasked Ilmarin with the recovery of the artifact, suggesting that a partnership with one of the Explorers' Guilds might speed up the process. Contact was made with the leader of one such guild, Farahl Shadewhisper of Rini Dieb, and a deal was struck.

Cyangos' Fang proved more than a little elusive; its magical nature confounded conventional detection. Some creative spellwork and a little influence from Farahl managed to pinpoint the relic's location in northern Tirisfal. When the company arrived, however, they found that they'd already been beaten to the prize by a young ghoul of a girl who considered the artifact a "friend." Despairing over her own undeath, the girl turned the Fang against those assembled, weilding its energy suspiciously well. Luck intervened, and her attack went awry. The resulting explosion destroyed the poor girl, and sent the artifact spiraling through the Nether.

Never one to give up, Ilmarin has signed on with Rini Dieb full-time in order to continue searching for the Fang. The Kirin Tor offered him their support and awarded the mage with the rank of Special Agent. It will still be a dangerous and difficult search, but between his will and his wife's love, there is no doubt that the Fang of Cyangos will be found.

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