Inourhe Sunshard
Game Information
Race Blood elf
Class Warlock(former Mage)
Guild Nil
Professions Miner/Goblin Engineer
Vital Statistics
Height 5'8"
Weight 98 lbs
Build Delicate, but slightly curvaceous for an elf
Hair Long, platinum blonde curls(naturally honey blonde)
Eyes Yellow-green glow
Personal Information
Age (equivalent to 36)
Birthplace Quel'Thalas
Marital Status Separated/widowed
Family Meredia Blackfall(daughter, undead)


Inourhe is rather erratic in her behaviour. She can be self-indulgent and cruel, concerned and nurturing, distracted and irritable, focused and diligent, or many other combinations of mood. There is one trait that always shines through however, her steadfast belief in personal freedom. Usually this is tempered with an acknowledgement of personal responsibility, but sometimes...


Merellie AvaentilEdit

Merellie BlackfallEdit

Inourhe DawnspringEdit

Inourhe SunshardEdit

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