(Note: This article is written in as a roleplay entry of Stormwind's guild database, so it's out of date and refers to the ORIGINAL Iron Blue Intention.)

Basic InformationEdit

Guild Leader: Arkides (MIA)
Guild Officers: Alastar, Goldark, Jimbotomy, Raphaella, and Zerase.
Past Guild Officers: Irena, Norric.
Summary: An order that serves as a guild of the Alliance, mostly focused on aiding the Argent Dawn and other threats to humanity. They do not seek bloodlust against the Horde at all, and have a neutral standpoint with them, and they also welcome all sorts of people. The mighty warrior Duran was part of this guild but was slain by the serial killer, James Brauner.
Alliances: Talehook, and The Westbrook Light Brigade (was of secrecy until recently).

The guild is currently disbanded.

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