Name: Isarna Meleagrance
Guild: None.
Race: Human
Class: Priestess
Professions: Alchemy, Herbalism
Age: 16
Status: Active



Childish. Likes to joke a lot. Loner.


At the age of eleven, I ran away from my parents' home in Westfall. My parents were... not nice. It's difficult to explain - I don't want people to think any less of me. About 3 months ago I found out that they passed away. They were buried at the tainted place in Duskwood. I moved their bodies to the island where the two rivers meet between Duskwood, Elwynn Forest and Westfall. Hopefully they will rest there, undisturbed for all time.

For years, I learned to live off the land. I taught myself to cook, and to understand what herbs are useful for their medicinal properties, and for smoking too! By the way - smoke some peacebloom? *Isarna offers you the pipe*

About a year ago, I started to discover that I had these powers. I could do the things a priest does. This is strange to me, because I never really had any training. I guess I'm just one of those natural talent people.

As time went on, the power just grew within me.

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