Ispus Scorned, The Tuandepec Edit

Champion of Obsidian

Race: Forsaken
Age: Well over 10,000. However 44 at death.
Class: Rogue
Guild: Obsidian

Ispus is the Forsaken personification of a great Duke from another time and place...dead for many thousands of years. He feels that he was placed in this Pergatory to redeem himself for his perceived failures during his life. Through acts of honour, chivalry and noblesse oblige, he believes that the goddess of death will give him yet another turn on the great wheel of life to be reunited with his beloved wife, who died in his arms as his capital crumbled around them.

Honour is paramount to Ispus. Any act of dishonour to himself or his companions will be dealt with swiftly and justly. He expects no less from those around him and will strive to help everyone pass through the land of Azeroth with their honour held high.

While striving for this redemption, Ispus serves the Lady of Obsidian, Audreid Sleepstorm, as a Champion of her cause. He has sworn fealty to Obsidian and will protect her from all enemies great and small.

Ispus is also honoured to be the personal Champion of Ramerra Morrigan and carries her personal favour of a red rose. It was through her kindness that he was able to find this exalted fellowship of Obsidian and he will be forever in her debt.

Ispus does not believe in the demons "OOC", "RP", "OMG!" or "WOOT!". Ispus is himself and does not believe in the heretical notions that some other force guides his destiny. Should someone speak to him in such foreign riddles, he will respectfully help to guide them away from such folly. He knows that such talk is dangerous and that those foolish enough to speak of such things in public will be labeled insane and could likely be thrown into the crab pits to die a pathetic and pointless death.

Ispus welcomes questions of his past and his beliefs. He believes that such a public purging of his soul will speed him away from his existence in Azeroth and back towards his most treasured true love.

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