Name: Jadenala
Race: Orc
Class: Hunter
Professions: Mining and Engineering
Age: 17
Birthplace: The Arathi Highlands
Affiliation: Trade Of Blades


Jadenala is a young orcish woman with light green skin and a sparkle in her eye. She wears loose fitting leathers and chain armor with a wide assortment of buckles that clinks loudly wherever she walks. It is hard to find her without her trademark wide brimmed leather hat, which she keeps on her person at all times "for good luck". She is quite short, yet very tone and muscular. She wears a smile confidently and honestly, and her girlish charm and demeanor could passify an ornery crokalisk (Of course, Jade's hobby of wrestling those beasts is usually the cause of their consternation.)


Defending the horde

Defending the Horde, one pint at a time.

Jadenala is a big child... a hard drinking, rough 'n tumbling big kid. She bounces along as if there is never a care in the world and is extremely quick to make friends... especially if there are prospects of drinking or fighting. She is also intensely loyal and a bit naive about the world... again trademark qualities of the youth within. It is near impossible to get her down for long, and her fits of rage or sadness pass quicker than a child's tantrum. Her philosophy of life is, "Ain't no problem in the world that fightin', sexin', an' drinkin' can't solve." Unfortunately, since she is unable to do one of those things, she has to make up double in the other two.

Spades & CloverEdit


Upon her first steps in Durotar, Jadenala encountered a boar which lead her to Orgrimmar and civilization. Thanking the boar and naming it Spades because she believed it had been a stroke of good luck that had brought the creature to her, Jadenala quickly found the creature overstaying it's welcome and following her around everywhere, despite her best efforts to make it go away. Resigning to a life being followed around by the pig, she made the bad mistake of taking it into an expedition into Razorfen Kraul with her, where it found a mate. It followed Jadenala and Spades out of the dungeon and suddenly Jadenala had two pigs that she couldn't get rid of. The second boar she named Clover, and she is usually seen with one or the other pig in her wake (and with Jade usually spouting obscenities that would make a goblin mariner's cheeks turn purple). Jadenala wishes the two creatures would just leave her alone, but she accepts them along with her.


Jadenala is married to the Troll princess Vrishka through a divine accident. She is bound to Vrishka in matrimony and although she is quite a lewd girl, Jadenala has to be extra careful about how far her flirtations go... any violation of her vows would result in a very powerful hex to be unleashed. Jadenala is frightened to death of the curse, and is very careful to keep her instincts in check. Despite being drafted into married life, Jadenala had the good fortune of being paired with her perfect partner-in-crime. Vrishka and Jadenala get along like spider legs and mild spices and though the two are constantly bickering and fighting, it is all good naturedly and Jadenala has come to even enjoy her marriage.


Jadenala was born on a human ranch, the child of an enslaved former warrior of the horde during the first great war. Growing up on that ranch was a tough but simple life for the young orc, and the human family that she was born under was perhaps less prejudiced and ignorant than most humans, and so took her in almost as a child of their own. Despite this, she was still born a slave and destined to die a slave, a fate her father desperately wanted her to escape from. At 13 years of age, Jade escaped from the ranch with her father's aid, although sadly the old orc could not join his daughter in her freedom, his orcish honor dictating that he serve his human masters and make thier home his as well. Jadenala boarded a ship headed for the newly discovered Kalimdor and stowed away...

However a storm overtook the ship Jade ventured upon, which sank the ship. Jadenala found herself a drift upon the sea on the wreckage of the ship, washing up along a small island far to the south. The island was inhabited by trolls, and depending on how much drink is involved in the telling of it, it is here that Jadenala saved the life of a young troll princess and won her father's admiration. Unfortunately, her father was also blind, senile, and looking for a husband to marry her daughter. Thinking her a powerful MALE warrior, he announced that Jadenala either marry his daughter or become the night's supper, and knowing a good deal when she saw one, Jadenala opted on the former. Jadenala had no idea the dark rituals that would end up magically binding her to Vrishka, the troll princess, and upon finding out decided to cut her losses and take her new wife on a honeymoon of adventure and riches. She founded the ragtag mercenary company known as the Trade of Blades which made a small fortune in its existence uncovering treasures and long lost artifacts, but losing about twice as much in drinking tabs and damage done during her and Vrishka's drunken rampages.

These days Jadenala has taken some time away from the adventuring life, becoming bored of plundering the same crypts over and over again. She temporarily disbanded the Trade of Blades and now lives a simple life in Orgrimmar waiting for an opportunity for adventure in far away lands... lands beyond the boundaries of space and dimension. However, when the prospect of excitement and adventure again return to Azeroth, Jadenala will be sure to be at the front lines, laughing the whole way.

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