(Elder) Jaggyd "Ravenhair" LoranEdit

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Race: Half-elf.
Age: ???
Height: 7'5
Weight: 290lbs. (without armour)
Hair Color: Iron-grey, with a few remaining strands of black.
Eye Color: Pale silvery blue. The left is white with a rheumy pupil.
Skin Color: Stone-white.
Birthplace: ??
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Arms (52), Fury (19)
Professions: Weaponsmith - Swordsmith, Miner
Affiliations: Warrior of the Wolf Mark, Honourguard to Merdari Ebonwood, Up-and-coming Stormwind Guard, Cook. Exalted with: Stormwind, Ironforge, Exodar, Gnomeregan, Darnassus (begrudgingly), the Stormpike Guard, the Valiance Expedition, Sha'tari Skyguard, Shattered Sun Offensive, the Aldor, Netherwing, Kurenai, Argent Dawn, etc.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Appearance: .
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Bulky, monsterous armour encases a body that is almost entirely devoid of feminine curves. Were it not for subtle hints in manner and mein, one might mistake this brute of a warrior for a man.
She’s tall - unusually so. With a gruff voice, a stern expression, and a face marred by countless scars, she hardly looks like a welcoming sort of creature. Her narrow, hawklike nose looks to have been broken many times - the past and present conditions all seem to blur together in some analagous horror. All visible skin is layered in dense knots of scars overtop of taut, strife-won muscle. Some of the more noticeable marks among them are a long, jagged scar that starts on her forehead and careens raggedly over her left eye, cheek, and down her jaw, and a pair of thick gashes that jog along her throat – as though it was slit at some point. The eye beneath the massive scar on the left portion of her face does not appear to function properly. A tattoo of a wolf rampant sprawls over the whole of the left half of her face, obscuring and distorting her expressions further.
Her armour itself is in decent shape and is usually in reasonable repair, but bears scars of its own. It’s been dyed a flat grey-brown, with mercurial detailing. Cruel, barbed spikes protrude from its pauldrons, spaulders, wrists, tassets, knees, calves and boots.
She wears an impressive array of weapons at all times, but the most comfortable implement of destruction is a two-handed sword strapped in a locking harness between her shoulders. Its blade is shaped like the maw of a ravening wolf.
She wears a broadsword on her hip, and has since she first arrived in Azeroth - but it does not look to have been removed from its sheath in a long while, save for cleaning.

When in Azeroth, she travels in the company of a skeletal warhorse. The wretched creature moves delicately, with a high-stepping stride and a tendancy to spook and shy when it is not tended to. The abomination is treated with an unusual kindness and tolerance.
In Northrend specifically, the sky is subject to the cleaving ivory wings of the albino Aderyn, a member of the Red Dragonflight.

When in Outland, she has been seen astride a crimson nether ray (Isabeau), but most often, a peuce Nether Drake known as Zajaku.


A little rough around the edges, Jaggyd's confidence in her own abilities is often misinterpreted as arrogance. Wry sarcasm is a common thing to exit her scarred lips, but it's often hindered by her thick Dwarven accent.

Fiercely loyal, and perhaps a little over-protective, she tends to have difficulty expressing the more 'tender' of emotions. (If anything about her can be called 'tender'.)

Rarely does she initiate physical contact, and any enacted upon her is met with anything from a mild grimace to a full out recoil. She does not take well to comments on her appearance (especially compliments), interpreting them as mockery rather than praise. Apparently an old wound of damaged self image and confidence still haunts her.

She's relatively cheerful, but such expressions are usually stifled by the usual monotone in which she speaks. Thus, she most often comes across as weary and over-cautious.


For some reason, Jaggyd evades any attempts to discern her past with reckless abandon.


Jaggyd doesn't speak much of her childhood, though her personality is stamped with the tell-tale signs of a troubled youth. She has risen above her past toils, but still holds her grudges.

For some reason, she avoids Elven lands to the best of her ability.

Recent TimesEdit

A former Stormwind Guard. Honourably discharged from the position of Sergeant Major in the Alliance Forces, Jaggyd has taken up the mantle of leadership from one Merdari Ebonwood, and has been leading the reformed guild under the name of 'The House of Sword and Scale' for nigh three years.

Jaggyd is beginning to show her age, as is obvious when one observes the steady shift in hair colour from black to grey.

She was once frequent at a certain 'Gathering Fire' in the wilds of Ashenvale, then at the foundation of an old 'Ruined Mansion', and most recently, at a tavern in Loch Modan known as 'The Mongrel Kobold'.

When not overseeing matters in her guild, tending to the vast menagerie in her stable-compound, righting wrongs in the world, fishing, cooking or serving time in Triage, she spends her time drinking in bars.

The half-breed has been more grim than usual, and has tended to spend more time in the bars than she should. Perhaps the comings and goings, the deaths and mutilations of those she has bled and fought for, and the trials and tribulations of the life of an adventurer are beginning to erode what was once such a stable, sturdy mind...

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