Name: Jakkal Bloodhowl
Race: Orc
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking
Age: Early 20s
Birthplace: Internment Camp
Affiliation: Wolfsong

Appearance Edit

The orc before you stands just slightly taller than most of his kin, with jet black hair pulled into a thick, shoulder-length mane of dreadlocks. His short beard is clean and combed, a stark contrast to the rest of his hair, and is styled into points on either side of his jaw.

His rugged exterior belies his young age, but closer inspection reveals that he is more than likely of no more years than twenty.

Often at his side is a particularly large brown lynx. Like her companion, she seems to keep to herself.

Personality Edit

Jakkal's top priority is honor. He practices this in every activity, from slaying Alliance infiltrators to even the most mundane tasks. Passionately loyal to the Warchief, he follows his teachings of compassion as best he can, though his underlying hatred for humans often causes him great internal conflict. Regardless, he will not lash out at anyone, human or not, lest they draw the first blood.

Having chosen to follow the path of a hunter, Jakkal often spends his time in the wilds; preferring the solitude and open air than the often stuffy and loud streets of Orgrimmar. When in the city, he generally keeps to himself.

This being said, little is known about him other than what can be deducted from a glance or two.

History Edit

Little is known of Jakkal's past. ((More to come soon))

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