Jatria Al'carinEdit

General InformationEdit

Title: Daughter of the Phoenix

Nicknames: Jat, or Jaty

Class: Fire mage

Age: 19

Birthplace: Alterac, though she doesn't know this.

Current Home: Hillsbrad/Stormwind

Languages "officially" known: Common, Demonic, Draconic, Nerubian and Yseran, but only a bit of that last.


The first thing you might notice about Jatria is that she is an incredibly small woman. Standing at only five feet tall, and weighing only 100 pounds, this tiny blonde-haired woman is not easy to spot in a crowd, on account of being so much smaller than everyone else. On top of this, she seems to be a rather shy sort, speaking quietly, and politely, rarely seen with a frown on her face.

Her hair and attire is kept in good condition, giving her a well-tended appearance. She is usually seen in fairly modest apparal, though occasionally dresses a bit more boldly, as her shyness fades to more self confidence.


Jatria is, above all, often unsure of herself, and of others. Her past makes this so, and she often doubts the true nature or integrity of someone until she has a chance to get to know them.

She often annoys people with her shy, unsure persona, though she has tried desperately to change herself. More recently, she seems a bit more quiet, with the loss of yet another close friend. Many would surmise that Jatria is slipping slowly into madness, though where it will lead no one can really say.


Jatria will speak fairly freely of her past to anyone that might inquire. There are certain pieces she leaves out, but for the basics, she's happy to share, so that people understand why she may act a bit more awkward than expected.

The EnslavementEdit

At the age of five, her mother passed away. An unfortunate illness, the bills for which left her father and grandfather hurting to cover everything. With only a farm, and it being the winter months, their best bet was to sell the most valuable thing they had; Jatria, whose name was this time is unknown. She was sold to a warlock by the name of Meldemon, who spent thirteen years training and possessing every piece of her that existed.

He was not a cruel Master, until he made the fatal mistake of punishing her by leaving her chained helpless to a lamp post in Stormwind City. She stood there, weeping, her eyes downcast. Finally, her tears got the attention of two priestesses, and a rogue. The priestesses, who introduced themselves as Ellistra and Veriana, asked the rogue, name being Aden Hawke, to free her from the locks. Aden picked the locks with ease, and they tended her until they were sure she could manage on her own. She decided to become a mage, and created the name Jatria Al'carin for herself.

Though Jatria was only allowed a few months of freedom before Meldemon found her once more. She had fallen in love with a man by the name of Kathias Tigerheart, who fell for her, in turn, despite his current relationship. When Meldemon came for her, he came with a right hand man by the name of Allorien Ravenlash. Meldemon recaptured her, forcing her to serve despite her protests, and calling her "Pura". His torment of her, however, did not stop Kathias' love for her, and eventually, Kathias asked her to marry him, which she agreed to immediately.

This did not please Meldemon at all. He proceeded to punish her, and amazingly, Allorien, who before had seemed so cold and harsh, came to rescue her by breaking the magical collar Meldemon had placed around her neck. This infuriated Meldemon so much, he tried to kill Allorien, a battle which the night elf thankfully won.

The AftermathEdit

After her release from Meldemon, Jatria lived in fear for quite awhile. She and Kathias exchanged personal vows, though it was not an official ceremony, and called each other husband and wife. Shortly after this, however, she was cornered and raped by another man too much like Meldemon, and became pregnant. Though it was never clear whether the baby belonged to the rapist, or to Kathias, Jatria miscarried in her third month.

And this was not the end of she and Kathias' trouble. Kathias had a demon inside him known as Legion, who it turned out was controlling a great deal of her husband's actions.

((More to come!))

Her Life NowEdit

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