Name: Jehotay "Boss" Gorehorn.
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: Desolace.
Title: Advanced Alchemist & Tavern Master.
Race: Tauren.
Class: Druid.
Guild: Zephyr Crew (founder).
Professions: Alchemist and Herbalism.
Age: 35.
Eye Colour: Hazel.
Fur: Solid Dark Grey.
Height: 7'5".
Weight: 431 lbs.
Hobbies: Exploring, Watching People, and Fighting.
Appearance: Jehotay is a thin as compared to most males his age. All the fur on his body is a deep grey color and his hoves are dark too. His horns have been cut away to flat stubs, and in his nose is a large gold ring. His fur is well groomed, but the smells of beer and kodos sits strongly with him. Around his waist, a variety of pouches, vials, and herbs - items of his trade.

Personality Edit

Jehotay is a Bi-Polar pot of oddness that tends to shift as often as the clouds. Happy, sad, mellow mostly, always on the change, just as the clouds. Despite such tendencies, he is a natural born leader, though he often is resistant to taking on such duties. Jehotay is a devout follower of the Druidic ways, and those of the EarthMother. And while he is some times standoffish and odd, he places the needs of those he cares for above all others.

History Edit

Jehotay was born in the lands of Desolace to a poor family of Kodo Ranchers. His life was wrought with difficulties of the lands, such as war and invasion from forces of the Alliance, Naga, Scourge, and of the Centaurs. As well, natural causes such as disease, famine, and drought feed the fires of despair. Those strong enough and willing enough to fight on and push through such ills came out as strong as Carnie himself, few though they were.

The Gorehorn tribe was a small tribe that was slowly dieing out; Jehotay is thought to be one of the last of his tribe. When Jehotay turned, 12 his father died during a Kodo stampede, his family was after all kodo ranches, such dangers always persisted. This hurt Jehotay and his mother dearly as the two struggled to survive on the scraps of the land. Later Jehotay attained a job like his father working as a ranch hand for an orc named Boggs on one of the finer ranches in Desolace. This job afforded the Gorehorns a small living and a chance for Jehotay to afford his druidic studies.

As he traveled, he saw the bounty and wealth of nearby lands and the abundant life elsewhere. Seeing the ills that plagued Desolace and the signs of death everywhere, Jehotay thought that if he were to study the Druidic ways he might bring some solace to these lands. The widowed Gordhorn and young Jehotay saved for three years until they had enough to afford sending Jehotay away to learn to become great healer. At the age of twenty-eight, he left home to study the ways of the Druids until the age of thirty-two. These fours years leant him many friends and experiences. After which the once Kodo Rancher, had now become a healer and alchemist of some small renown.

Meanwhile in Desolace, his poor mother began to grow ill, though, to keep her son from worry she never said so. Two months afterwards, she passed away. Jehotay only found this out a week after her death. The distraught Tauren fell into his first bought of depression and turned towards solitude. It was here that he joined the ranks of the Forsaken's Royal Apothecary Society. Jehotay knew only bits of the dark evils of the society, but as it stood, the RAS were some the greatest of alchemists in Azeroth. In his subdued mindset, he was willing to suffer any thing to afford the skill he sought.

For a year Jehotay dabbled in dark arts within the Forsaken order, during this time, the practices of the RAS began to sow a deepening fear of the Forsaken race. Finally, Jehotay renounced the Society - though he could not deny that he had learned innumerable things from them - many he could not learn elsewhere. Upon his exit from the Society he grew distant and hateful towards the Forsaken as a whole.

Jehotay then moved to the Moon Glade for a short time. Here the still new Druid set aside his studies of alchemy and began to study within his healing arts in an attempt to reconcile for his past actions. Jehotay, now versed in many forms of alchemy and healing had reached the top of his game. Having amassed such a verse talent in alchemy and healing he sought to further himself in a more practical matter; so he decided to open a booze joint so he could get rich!

In his travels he had met a lovely and intelligent elf by the name of Measha. She owned a tavern in Stormwind and this idea caught on inside Jehotay, after this he established his first mock tavern at Ravenholdt Manor - The Drunken Kodo. For a time, the small tavern grew and prospered – bringing Jehotay new friends, and enemies. While relations with the primary residency did not go over well, he finally returned to Kalimdor. *(explained more in the later sections)

He arrived back in the Barrens, and with this reminder of the great dryness and heat, he thought it ideal to set up a new tavern in the lovely seaside city of Ratchet. After all, who needed drinks more than the exhausted warriors of this place? The Drunken Kodo was reforged here in the seaside city of Ratchet. This time he had it in his mind not to exhaust himself running things by himself and contracted the guild now known as the Zephyr Crew. The Zephyr Crew was an organized Explorer’s venue that would help operate his tavern on week night evenings.

The Zephyr Crew erupted as a well-respected and founded guild and many noticeable members were to follow suit. All sharing a love of exploration, the bottle, stories, folklore, and general craziness. From time to time Jehotay and Crew would take long trips across the whole of Azeroth, from Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms. Jehotay having always been keen more towards solitude, often ventured off on his own to explore.

At one point Jehotay disappeared for an extended time, and on his return it was discovered he had actually been locked away within Hammerfell Prison for various accounts of gambling, thievery, and an attempted rape. Jehotay, a terrible alcoholic, often found himself in greater trouble then he wished – but this time he had gone too far. He spent 4 months at Hammerfell, locked away in complete solitude. The prison warden saw that he had been completely remorseful and obedient, and finally allowed Jehotay an dismissal, though Jehotay knew that it would never be the same.

His oddly short time in prison led to him being reborn anew to the Earthmother’s ways, “enlightenment” so to speak, or so was said. Now more of his time was spent alone, but not from disassociation, or sadness - but Jehotay gave up the civilized world in order that he may step "back into nature.” Once more, his studies and time changed towards learning and healing. This time, Jehotay would live his life rightly.

"Elves And Taverns" Edit

It was the elf Measha - tavern master and druid - who first inspired the young Jehotay on to forming a tavern and guild. He first noticed her on a trip (whilst in disguise) to the Stormwind Public Park District; after a few drinks, and a quick exit from the city, he began to think of ways he might achieve his own similar success. Soon he formed a rough deal with a few greedy rogues at the Ravenholdt Manor. His tavern would operate under the fist of the Ravenholdt residents. Here, the elf Measha caught wind of this new establishment and before long she began to visit often. Jehotay and Measha quickly bonded as good friends, both willing to listen to each other's needs and problems.

Later, after a quick success with this many more patrons began to frequent the tavern such as members of the old Nox group and many more patrons from the honorable Night Vanguard. A mock team of quick hirer ons made up Jehotay's lot, and the group began to grow. Soon though, the greedy rogues of the Ravenholdt began demanding more gold, Jehotay knew this would not do, and in a last ditch effort to save what little finances he had he simply shut down the tavern all together.

Things looked grim for Jehotay's mission of success, and with the collapse of his group, the individuals went their separate ways. Jehotay settled in the Barrens region for a short time where he began to study more into his Druidic and Healing arts.

One fateful afternoon, as Jehotay was leaving the Ratchet Inn (which would later become the -New- Drunken Kodo) he set out to the Cross Roads settlement, but upon arrival he discovered that the area was in uproar over a rather odd and unprovoked attack by a single assailant. The invader apparently had been promptly dealt with by the diligent Horde guards. Jehotay, who had always been respectful of the elves, decided it would be best to offer a proper burial to the new slain in hopes that no further problems would arise. The guards respected such a request from Jehotay, and as he was quite well known in this area, allowed him to take the body.

Jehotay hauled the body (which had now been wrapped in old sheets) and set forth to Ashenvale to seek a proper place to bury the body. Along the way though, Jehotay's curiosity got hold of him and he decided to peek at the corpse he now held -- upon gazing at the body, he frightfully discovered that it was his dear friend, Measha! Jehotay in tears began to work what spells and cures he had at his disposal, he soon saw that he had few choices but to do something drastic. With great reluctance Jehotay employed ancient bonding magic’s in a fleeting hope of saving her. However, these magics has dire side effects.

Jehotay did manage to succeed in slightly reviving the elf; for days afterwards, he spent his hours healing the elf. From that day on, strong magical bonds held the two in union of minds and bodies, and both were never far from each other’s minds or hearts. Whether the two were really in love, or whether it was a delusion, was never really discerned. Though as time passed, both realized such a relationship might never be fruitful, both did in fact come from very different worlds and each held different passions and goals. After much solitude and thinking, Jehotay sought to shatter the bonds that had so closely held the two in union - a feat he wished only to forget. Though the two were ever more apart, each held a special place in the other's heart, never to be forgotten.

On the little finger of his left paw, Jehotay wears a pale-teal ring. Measha wears its twin. A common thread binding them together.

Friends and Foes! Edit

Through Jehotay’s travels and dealings, he has befriended (and befoed) many. Here are some of those (( this is not a complete list, I'm constantly adding names!)):

(Notable Members of the ZC)

Drosh -- “I first met the young Forsaken girl atop the Zeppelin Tower at Brill. Shortly afterwards, Drosh signed on up with the newly formed ZC crew. Afterwards she began to grow somewhat lovingly attached to me, though I never could see why. She has quickly become one of my closest friends, even more so she has helped me to come to respect the Forsaken again – well some of them.”

Grubgrabber -- “This troll seems to attract the eyes of any female creature that roams the planet. I cannot understand it! Aside from that though, he has always been a bit of a loner. I’m sure he bears a past that he wishes to forget, though maybe I am wrong… Still, he has remained a steadfast and loyal friend, even if he is a bit *ahem* hot-headed.”

Saraquael -- “I would trust no other that I have known in handling the Tavern I left behind. Little did I know the blessing this young orc would be to me upon her joining the Crew and me. She may be the hardest worker I’ve ever met, aside from my dear ol’ mother (rest her soul). I envy Sara's zest for life, though, she seems far distant to me. Though I haven't exactly been on my best around her.”

Bloodaxe -- “Though he joined only slightly before I left, in the short time I’ve known him I feel we have bonded closely. He is an intelligible orc of whom I respect greatly, though he too (I feel) shares a past he wishes to remain unknown. I don’t even know his real name, though, I heard him called ‘Jin’ once.”

Steiner & Marosemius -- "These two I have known for near as long as my Crew has been running. Both loyal and dear friends to me, and whether in travel or battle, both have always watched my back, and likewise. Yet events over the last few months have driven us apart; the odd union of Forsaken and Troll has torn Steiner and I apart. I feel this dark union goes against the truths of the Earthmother! Still I wish him the best, he has always been respectful to me, so I to him. As for Maro, his recent actions and the solitude to which he confides leave me anxious for his sake. What has he gotten into? I will say a prayer to the Earthmother for him."

(Non-ZC Members Friends)

Talruk -- “Fighter, a poet and bard, and my closest friend. For a short time, he vanished, taken by strong magic! When he returned, he was not himself, he had aged at an incredible rate. Near senile - some dark curse I presume. Now he is gone again. I miss him, my closest friend. What has life stolen from you that keeps you restless?” ((joined the ZC unofficially))

Squig -- “I do dearly miss that ol’ bastard. One of my closest friends and business partners. Loyal to 'boot! Though just a bit shady around the edges *ahem*. I’m not sure what happened to him. I thought I had heard he was dead, or maybe he’s hiding somewhere. But from what? I cannot say." ((joined the ZC unofficially))

Xa'ru -- “Many times has this troll aided me in my travels, whether he simply lends an ear or a blade. Though he may not see it, an honorable troll for sure – but you’d never hear me say it to his face! The self named Pirate King he says, yet he’s not so bad. Certainly a trustworthy friend if ever I had one! I think I still owe him a few drinks, I hope he forgets *wink*.”

Aquenda -- "For several months (many months ago), I was wonderfully infatuated with the young Tauren lass, Aquenda. She was/is rather cute, but it was her 'companions' that ultimately led me away from her. Her guardian No* ((*mentioned below)) saw to it that I never had a chance. Though perhaps it was not Aquenda; I had traveled for the first time to Mulgore, perhaps I was just lonely. Besides, the later darkness she seems so involved in raises to many questions."

(Alliance Friends)

Measha* -- "A beautiful and caring elf if I ever met one, and one of the few who ever loved me in return. You see this pale ring on my finger? She wears its twin." *((explained in “Elves & Taverns” section))

Jinx -- “I met her for the first time at the Ravenholdt Drunken Kodo. She has been as I understand it, a long time and dear friend of miss Measha, and anyone who looks after my love is a friend of mine too. Aside form that, Jinx has helped me innumerable times and always been more than warm towards me.”

Dalin -- “Though I never knew him well, or well enough as I might like, I did meet him (and his awkward mechanical creations) often enough in my travels. He was never quick to a fight, and with me, no quarrel he found. An honorable dwarf if ever there was one.”

(Foes and adversaries of sorts.)

No -- “A bad apple in some ways. He has a tongue of honey and vinegar - sweet to the mind, but bitter to soul! This one have I have had to keet my guard up around. He's kept me from a chance at love, and generally brings a terrible attitude with him where he ventures. I see through his lies and deceptions though! It's bad enough to listen to him, and he's nearly always accompanied by far worse companions! Though, he did tell me in recent past that he no longer harbors ill intent towards me, perhaps he’s not so bad? Either way, I don't think he's the trustworthy type.”

Trinda,Ujanda, and the Frostmane Tribe -- “Thought they are not really foes. I have had odd dealings with them in the past. Once the Crew and I defended Trinda in a trial she had been convicted in. And the next thing I know, I was running from them! (I thought they wished me harm for my past dealings with the Royal Apothecary Society, or so I guessed.) I really do not understand where I stand with them, but I’m sure it could do with a bit of work.”

The Ravenholdt Rogues -- “When I ended my business dealings with this lot, I didn’t do it in the typical professional manor. By this, I mean I robbed them of what they robbed me and fled to Kalimdor!! Ever since, I sleep with one eye open and a dagger in my belt. I’ve learned a few things from this, namely never to do business with thieves!”

Currently Edit

Jehotay was last seen by Drosh as he ventured off towards the far north. It is thought that Jehotay seeks the solitude and comfort of the natural world as he seeks to grow closer to the spirits and the Great Earthmother. No trace of Jehotay has been seen for months since he left unexpectedly that dark eve, save for a small white cat (Jinx) wandering the great open of the Barrens.

However, in the lest few weeks, a rather large strabge cat has appeared all over the Barrens, always shadowing members of the Zephyr Crew. Drosh and other believe it to be Jehotay, but why he is a cat, is not known.

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