Jenchenzi MaghervitchEdit

Race: Gnome
Age: 38
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Class: Warlock
Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy
Affiliations: The Radlinski Crime Empire, an unknown higher power
Appearance: Jenchenzi's shock of lightning blue hair frames a rather maniacal face. His vibrant purple eyes are shadowed and are ever changing direction, taking in all their surroundings with interest. He often grins and screams, seemingly to himself, and his stubble is unevenly cut.
Status: Currently MIA, possibly in the demented state of Khelron




A bit later, kids.


Bit later than that.

The Ruiner of WorldsEdit

Quite a while away, actually.


Maybe, at some point in the future?


Soon, kids.

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