Jessamy CallowEdit

Race: Undead
Age: 20 (At death)
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Mage
Professions: Alchemist/Herbalist
Affiliations: So far, none

Appearance: Jessamy is fairly recently dead and so is relatively intact, although her face does bear some markings of her undeath. Her blonde hair is still fairly long if no longer very thick, and her lips are usually curled in a slightly superior and wry smile.


Jessamy seeks power, no matter the source or the consequences. She is driven by her search single-mindedly, almost to the point of obsession. Why she does this, however, is largely a mystery to her. She has a dark and sardonic sense of humor, and carries about her an air of regality despite being otherwise plain and of humble origins.


Born Into PowerEdit

Jessamy remembers some glimpses of her former life before death - largely normal scenes of living on a farm, the only child of an otherwise childless couple, the Callows. Her striking looks were quite a contrast to their own ordinary features, however, and whispers always floated about Tirisfal before the fall that she was a foundling, left on their doorstep by a desperate-looking young woman. She knew that she was not of them down to the bottom of her soul, and had felt the call of greater forces, a greater life, from a very young age. Just as she was feeling ready to confront her parents about this, however, the Plague swept through the area and their quiet farm. She saw all of her friends and family fall to it, and vowed as she died that she would find a way to be stronger than death.

Awakening in the tombs of Deathknell, she finally felt the arcane forces she somehow knew were her birthright come to her call.

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