Jezabeth McCloud
Vital Statistics
Race Forsaken
Class Warlock
Guild None
Professions Tailoring
Personal Information
Age 30
Age at Death 26
Birthplace Goldshire
Marital Status Single
Relatives Dalene (sister)
Occupation Adventurer


Beauty is truly ugly, and ugly is truly beauty, is the way Jezabeth sees everything. Her life before becoming Forsaken is a fresh wound that is festering in her brain. Her belief she is still human lingers, and hatred towards the other grows. Unlike her human twin sister, Dalene, Jezabeth is a woman driven by anger. She shows this by destroying everything she touches. She wishes to destroy everything her sister once told was beautiful. Revenge is all she wants and cares to talk about.

In her human life she was a warlock, and a woman who took whatever she wanted. She was thought to be the beautiful twin, by her family and friends. Her looks were most important to her, unlike her very tomboyish sister. Now being Forsaken, she still has not lost her vanity but thrives on it.

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Jezabeth in combat


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"So give me all your poison, And give me all your pills, And give me all your hopeless hearts, And make me ill, You're running after something, That you'll never kill, If this is what you want, Then fire at will" -- Thank You For The Venom by My Chemical Romance

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